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Chapter 90 Secs. 7-1 to 7-9dTown and Other Community Meetings
Chapter 91 Secs. 7-10 to 7-15Selectmen
Chapter 92 Secs. 7-16 to 7-35zTown Clerks
Chapter 92a Secs. 7-35aa to 7-35ggUniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act
Chapter 93 Secs. 7-36 to 7-78Registrars of Vital Statistics
Chapter 94 Secs. 7-79 to 7-85Town Treasurers
Chapter 95 Secs. 7-86 to 7-97Constables
Chapter 96 Secs. 7-98 to 7-100jTown Manager
Chapter 96a Sec. 7-100kAssessors
Chapter 97 Secs. 7-101 to 7-147Municipalities: General Provisions
Chapter 97a Secs. 7-147a to 7-147yHistoric Districts and Historic Properties
Chapter 98 Secs. 7-148 to 7-186qMunicipal Powers
Chapter 99 Secs. 7-187 to 7-201Municipal Charters and Special Acts
Chapter 100 Secs. 7-202 to 7-212aMunicipal Parking Authorities
Chapter 101 Secs. 7-213 to 7-233Municipal Gas and Electric Plants
Chapter 101a Secs. 7-233a to 7-233hhMunicipal Electric Energy Cooperatives
Chapter 101b Sec. 7-233iiMunicipal Telecommunications Services
Chapter 102 Secs. 7-234 to 7-244aMunicipal Waterworks Systems
Chapter 103 Secs. 7-245 to 7-273aMunicipal Sewerage Systems
Chapter 103a Secs. 7-273b to 7-273zTransit Districts
Chapter 103b Secs. 7-273aa to 7-273ppMunicipal Resource Recovery Authorities
Chapter 104 Secs. 7-274 to 7-323tMunicipal Police and Fire Protection
Chapter 105 Secs. 7-324 to 7-339lFire, Sewer and Other Districts
Chapter 105a Secs. 7-339m to 7-339tMunicipal Special Services Districts
Chapter 106 Secs. 7-340 to 7-349Town Boards of Finance
Chapter 107 Secs. 7-350 to 7-358Town Deposit Fund (Repealed)
Chapter 108 Secs. 7-359 to 7-368Municipal Reserve Fund
Chapter 109 Secs. 7-369 to 7-380cMunicipal Bond Issues
Chapter 110 Secs. 7-381 to 7-390Municipal Uniform Fiscal Years
Chapter 111 Secs. 7-391 to 7-397Municipal Auditing Act
Chapter 112 Secs. 7-398 to 7-406lMunicipal Finance
Chapter 112a Secs. 7-406m to 7-406pMunicipal Pension Solvency Loan Program
Chapter 113 Secs. 7-407 to 7-479Municipal Employees
Chapter 113a Secs. 7-479a to 7-479rMunicipal Risk Management Pools
Chapter 113b Secs. 7-479s to 7-479xMunicipal Liability Trust Fund
Chapter 114 Secs. 7-480 to 7-503Connecticut City and Town Development Act
Chapter 115 Secs. 7-504 to 7-519State Grants to Municipalities
Chapter 116 Secs. 7-520 to 7-525Local Emergency Relief Account
Chapter 116a Secs. 7-526 to 7-534Local Property Tax Relief Trust Fund
Chapter 116b Secs. 7-535 to 7-544Local Capital Improvement Fund
Chapter 116c Secs. 7-545 to 7-559Public Investment Communities
Chapter 117 Secs. 7-560 to 7-599Municipal Deficit Financing
Chapter 118 Secs. 7-600 to 7-619Neighborhood Revitalization Zones
Chapter 119 Secs. 7-620 to 7-620eFederally Designated Empowerment Zones

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