*Statutory rules of court practice and procedure do not violate constitutional separation of powers (dissent). 161 C. 501.

      Cited. 30 CA 381.

Chapter 959 Secs. 54-1 to 54-41Court Jurisdiction and Power
Chapter 959a Secs. 54-41a to 54-41uWiretapping and Electronic Surveillance
Chapter 960 Secs. 54-42 to 54-76aInformation, Procedure and Bail
Chapter 960a Secs. 54-76b to 54-76qYouthful Offenders
Chapter 961 Secs. 54-77 to 54-142Trial and Proceedings After Conviction
Chapter 961a Secs. 54-142a to 54-142sCriminal Records
Chapter 962 Secs. 54-143 to 54-155Costs, Fees and Expenses in Criminal Proceedings or Prosecutions
Chapter 963 Sec. 54-156Fresh Pursuit
Chapter 964 Secs. 54-157 to 54-185Uniform Criminal Extradition Act
Chapter 965 Secs. 54-186 to 54-192Agreement on Detainers
Chapter 966 Secs. 54-193 to 54-193bLimitation of Prosecutions
Chapter 967 Secs. 54-194 to 54-200General Provisions
Chapter 968 Secs. 54-201 to 54-239Victim Services
Chapter 968a Secs. 54-240 to 54-249Address Confidentiality Program
Chapter 969 Secs. 54-250 to 54-299Registration of Sexual Offenders
Chapter 970 Sec. 54-300Sentencing Commission

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