*Cited. 206 C. 346.

Chapter 938 Secs. 53-1 to 53-8Offenses Against the Sovereignty of the State (Repealed)
Chapter 939 Secs. 53-9 to 53-41bOffenses Against the Person
Chapter 940 Secs. 53-42 to 53-55Offenses Against Public Property (Repealed)
Chapter 941 Secs. 53-56 to 53-142kOffenses Against Private Property
Chapter 942 Secs. 53-143 to 53-168Offenses Against Public Justice
Chapter 943 Secs. 53-169 to 53-215aOffenses Against Public Peace and Safety
Chapter 944 Secs. 53-216 to 53-241(Offenses Against Chastity) Concealment of Delivery of Child
Chapter 945 Secs. 53-242 to 53-254(Offenses Against Humanity and Morality) Cruelty to Animals
Chapter 946 Secs. 53-255 to 53-345aOffenses Against Public Policy
Chapter 947 Secs. 53-346 to 53-353Forgery and Counterfeiting
Chapter 948 Secs. 53-354 to 53-379bFrauds and False Pretenses
Chapter 949 Secs. 53-380 to 53-388aCrimes Involving Credit Cards, Scanning Devices or Reencoders
Chapter 949a Secs. 53-389 to 53-392Extortionate Credit Transactions
Chapter 949b Secs. 53-392a to 53-392eAcademic Crimes
Chapter 949c Secs. 53-393 to 53-419Corrupt Organizations and Racketeering Activity Act
Chapter 949d Secs. 53-420 to 53-439Communications Consumer Privacy Act
Chapter 949e Secs. 53-440 to 53-449Health Insurance Fraud Act
Chapter 949f Sec. 53-450Videotape Rental and Privacy
Chapter 949g Secs. 53-451 to 53-454Computer Crimes

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