Chapter 815 Secs. 46b-1 to 46b-14Court Proceedings in Family Relations Matters
Chapter 815a Secs. 46b-15 to 46b-19Family Matters
Chapter 815e Secs. 46b-20 to 46b-38zMarriage
Chapter 815f Secs. 46b-38aa to 46b-39Civil Union
Chapter 815j Secs. 46b-40 to 46b-89Dissolution of Marriage, Legal Separation and Annulment
Chapter 815o Secs. 46b-90 to 46b-114Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act (Repealed)
Chapter 815p Secs. 46b-115 to 46b-119Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act
Chapter 815t Secs. 46b-120 to 46b-159Juvenile Matters
Chapter 815y Secs. 46b-160 to 46b-179dPaternity Matters
Chapter 816 Secs. 46b-180 to 46b-236Support

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