Chapter 46 Secs. 4-1 to 4-23State Appointive Officers
Chapter 46a Secs. 4-23a to 4-23pDepartment of Administrative Services (See Chapter 57)
Chapter 47 Secs. 4-24 to 4-37lState Property and Funds (See also Chapters 57-60)
Chapter 48 Secs. 4-38 to 4-61nnOrganization of State Agencies
Chapter 49 Secs. 4-62 to 4-64Auditors of Public Accounts (See Chapter 23)
Chapter 50 Secs. 4-65 to 4-124vvOffice of Policy and Management: General Provisions; Budget and Appropriations; State Planning
Chapter 51 Secs. 4-125 to 4-137Department of Administrative Services: Public Works (See Chapters 59, 60)
Chapter 51a Secs. 4-137a to 4-137hPublic Building Contracts (See Chapter 60)
Chapter 52 Secs. 4-138 to 4-140State Building Program Commission (Repealed)
Chapter 53 Secs. 4-141 to 4-165cClaims Against the State
Chapter 54 Secs. 4-166 to 4-189gUniform Administrative Procedure Act
Chapter 54a Secs. 4-189h to 4-189jAgency Regulations: General Provisions
Chapter 55 Secs. 4-190 to 4-204Personal Data
Chapter 55a Secs. 4-205 to 4-229Consultants and Personal Service Agreements
Chapter 55b Secs. 4-230 to 4-249Single Audits and Program-Specific Audits for Recipients of State Financial Assistance
Chapter 55c Secs. 4-250 to 4-252Large State Contracts: Gift Affidavits and Certifications

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