Chapter 556 Secs. 31-1 to 31-11kLabor Department
Chapter 556a Secs. 31-11l to 31-11eeWorkforce Development
Chapter 557 Secs. 31-12 to 31-57iEmployment Regulation
Chapter 558 Secs. 31-58 to 31-76mWages
Chapter 559 Secs. 31-77 to 31-90aLabor Organizations
Chapter 560 Secs. 31-91 to 31-100Board of Mediation and Arbitration
Chapter 561 Secs. 31-101 to 31-111bLabor Relations Act
Chapter 562 Secs. 31-112 to 31-121aLabor Disputes
Chapter 563 Secs. 31-122 to 31-128Fair Employment Practices (See Chapter 814c)
Chapter 563a Secs. 31-128a to 31-128jPersonnel Files
Chapter 564 Secs. 31-129 to 31-134aPrivate Employment and Information Agencies
Chapter 565 Secs. 31-135 to 31-138Employment of the Handicapped
Chapter 566 Secs. 31-139 to 31-221Workmen's Compensation Act (Repealed)
Chapter 566a Secs. 31-221a to 31-221hProfessional Employer Organizations
Chapter 567 Secs. 31-222 to 31-274jUnemployment Compensation
Chapter 568 Secs. 31-275 to 31-355bWorkers' Compensation Act
Chapter 569 Secs. 31-356 to 31-362Full Employment Act
Chapter 569a Secs. 31-362a to 31-362gDepartment of Economic and Community Development: Job Innovation and Development. Minijobs
Chapter 570 Secs. 31-363 to 31-366Committee of Concern for Connecticut Jobs (Repealed)
Chapter 571 Secs. 31-367 to 31-385Occupational Safety and Health Act
Chapter 572 Secs. 31-386 to 31-395Emergency Municipal Public Works Employment
Chapter 573 Secs. 31-396 to 31-403Occupational Health Clinics

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