*See Sec. 19a-341 re “right to farm”.

Chapter 422 Secs. 22-1 to 22-26zDepartment of Agriculture
Chapter 422a Secs. 22-26aa to 22-26nnAgricultural Lands
Chapter 423 Secs. 22-27 to 22-54tGrading and Marketing of Farm Products
Chapter 424 Secs. 22-55 to 22-61aAgricultural and Vegetable Seeds
Chapter 425 Secs. 22-62 to 22-78aRegional Markets
Chapter 426 Secs. 22-79 to 22-104Agricultural Experiment Stations
Chapter 427 Secs. 22-105 to 22-111Fertilizers (Repealed)
Chapter 427a Secs. 22-111a to 22-111zConnecticut Fertilizer Law of 2008
Chapter 427b Secs. 22-111aa to 22-111xxSoil Amendments and Agricultural Liming Material
Chapter 428 Secs. 22-112 to 22-118Commercial Feeding Stuffs (Repealed) (See Chapter 428a)
Chapter 428a Secs. 22-118a to 22-118vCommercial and Customer-Formula Feeds
Chapter 429 Secs. 22-119 to 22-126aAgricultural Societies
Chapter 430 Secs. 22-127 to 22-203zMilk and Milk Products
Chapter 430a Secs. 22-203aa to 22-203ccNortheast Interstate Dairy Compact
Chapter 431 Secs. 22-204 to 22-265aMilk Industry
Chapter 432 Secs. 22-266 to 22-277aSlaughtering of Animals. Commission Sales Stables
Chapter 433 Secs. 22-278 to 22-321Diseases of Domestic Animals
Chapter 434 Secs. 22-322 to 22-326tPoultry Farming. Poultry Dealers. Diseases of Poultry
Chapter 435 Secs. 22-327 to 22-367aDogs and Other Companion Animals. Kennels and Pet Shops
Chapter 436 Secs. 22-368 to 22-380Pounds (Repealed)
Chapter 436a Secs. 22-380a to 22-380mAnimal Population Control
Chapter 437 Secs. 22-381 to 22-391Livestock Dealers
Chapter 438 Secs. 22-392 to 22-409Meat and Poultry Products Inspection Act (Repealed)
Chapter 438a Secs. 22-410 to 22-415jHorses
Chapter 438b Secs. 22-416 to 22-449State Aquaculture Commission
Chapter 438c Secs. 22-450 to 22-454Connecticut Equestrian Center Authority
Chapter 438d Secs. 22-455 to 22-457Connecticut Seafood Advisory Council. Connecticut Food Policy Council

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