TITLE 21a*

      *Secs. 21a-1 to 21a-346, inclusive, cited. 201 C. 89.

Chapter 416 Secs. 21a-1 to 21a-12dDepartment of Consumer Protection
Chapter 417 Secs. 21a-13 to 21a-90General Provisions. Pure Food and Drugs
Chapter 418 Secs. 21a-91 to 21a-125Uniform Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act
Chapter 419 Secs. 21a-126 to 21a-134Retail Drug Control Act
Chapter 419a Secs. 21a-135 to 21a-150jNonalcoholic Beverages
Chapter 419b Secs. 21a-151 to 21a-164Bakeries
Chapter 419c Secs. 21a-165 to 21a-174Illuminating Oils, Burning Fluids and Kerosene
Chapter 419d Secs. 21a-175 to 21a-194Solicitation of Charitable Funds Act
Chapter 419e Secs. 21a-195 to 21a-215Boxing and Wrestling (See Chapter 532a)
Chapter 420 Secs. 21a-216 to 21a-230Health Clubs
Chapter 420a Secs. 21a-231 to 21a-239Manufacture of Bedding and Upholstered Furniture
Chapter 420b Secs. 21a-240 to 21a-315Dependency-Producing Drugs
Chapter 420c Secs. 21a-316 to 21a-334Controlled Substance Registration
Chapter 420d Secs. 21a-335 to 21a-399State Child Protection Act
Chapter 420e Secs. 21a-400 to 21a-429Home Food Service Plan Sales Act
Chapter 420l Sec. 21a-430Miscellaneous Provisions

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