*Statute which restricts conduct of an occupation which was lawful at common law should be construed with reasonable strictness. 146 C. 613.

Chapter 369 Secs. 20-1 to 20-7gHealing Arts
Chapter 370 Secs. 20-8 to 20-14mMedicine and Surgery
Chapter 371 Secs. 20-15 to 20-23Osteopathy (Repealed)
Chapter 372 Secs. 20-24 to 20-33Chiropractic
Chapter 373 Secs. 20-34 to 20-42Natureopathy
Chapter 374 Secs. 20-43 to 20-49Medical Examining Boards
Chapter 375 Secs. 20-50 to 20-65ePodiatry
Chapter 375a Secs. 20-65f to 20-65mAthletic Training
Chapter 376 Secs. 20-66 to 20-74Physical Therapists
Chapter 376a Secs. 20-74a to 20-74nOccupational Therapists
Chapter 376b Secs. 20-74o to 20-74z(Substance Abuse Counselors) Alcohol and Drug Counselors
Chapter 376c Secs. 20-74aa to 20-74ttRadiographers, Radiologic Technologists and Radiologist Assistants
Chapter 377 Secs. 20-75 to 20-86iMidwifery
Chapter 378 Secs. 20-87 to 20-102zNursing
Chapter 378a Secs. 20-102aa to 20-102ffNurse's Aides
Chapter 379 Secs. 20-103 to 20-126gDentistry
Chapter 379a Secs. 20-126h to 20-126xDental Hygienists
Chapter 380 Secs. 20-127 to 20-138dOptometry
Chapter 381 Secs. 20-139 to 20-162mOpticians
Chapter 381a Secs. 20-162n to 20-162zRespiratory Care Practitioners
Chapter 381b Secs. 20-162aa to 20-162ccPerfusionists
Chapter 382 Secs. 20-163 to 20-185hPharmacy (See Chapter 400j)
Chapter 383 Secs. 20-186 to 20-195Psychologists
Chapter 383a Secs. 20-195a to 20-195lMarital and Family Therapists
Chapter 383b Secs. 20-195m to 20-195zClinical Social Workers and Master Social Workers
Chapter 383c Secs. 20-195aa to 20-195ffProfessional Counselors
Chapter 384 Secs. 20-196 to 20-206Veterinary Medicine
Chapter 384a Secs. 20-206a to 20-206lMassage Therapists
Chapter 384b Secs. 20-206m to 20-206zDietitian-Nutritionists
Chapter 384c Secs. 20-206aa to 20-206iiAcupuncturists
Chapter 384d Secs. 20-206jj to 20-206ooParamedics
Chapter 385 Secs. 20-207 to 20-233Embalmers and Funeral Directors
Chapter 386 Secs. 20-234 to 20-249Barbers
Chapter 387 Secs. 20-250 to 20-266fHairdressers and Cosmeticians
Chapter 388 Secs. 20-267 to 20-278aElectrologists
Chapter 389 Secs. 20-279 to 20-287Public Accountants
Chapter 390 Secs. 20-288 to 20-298bArchitects
Chapter 391 Secs. 20-299 to 20-310Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors
Chapter 392 Secs. 20-311 to 20-329ggReal Estate Brokers and Salespersons
Chapter 393 Secs. 20-330 to 20-341Electricians, Plumbers, Solar, Heating, Piping and Cooling Contractors and Journeymen, Elevator and Fire Protection Sprinkler Craftsmen, Irrigation Contractors and Journeymen, and Gas Hearth Installer Contractors and Journeymen
Chapter 393a Secs. 20-341a to 20-341rSubsurface Sewage Disposal System Installers and Cleaners
Chapter 393b Secs. 20-341s to 20-341ffMechanical Contractor Organizations
Chapter 393c Sec. 20-341ggMajor Contractors
Chapter 394 Secs. 20-342 to 20-357mTelevision and Radio Service Dealers and Electronics Technicians
Chapter 395 Secs. 20-358 to 20-366Sanitarians
Chapter 396 Secs. 20-367 to 20-377jLandscape Architects
Chapter 396a Secs. 20-377k to 20-377vInterior Designers
Chapter 397 Secs. 20-378 to 20-395Ambulance Services (Repealed)
Chapter 397a Secs. 20-395a to 20-395hAudiologists
Chapter 398 Secs. 20-396 to 20-407Hearing Instrument Specialists
Chapter 399 Secs. 20-408 to 20-417Speech and Language Pathologists
Chapter 399a Secs. 20-417a to 20-417zNew Home Construction Contractors
Chapter 399b Sec. 20-417aaSwimming Pool Contractors
Chapter 400 Secs. 20-418 to 20-434Home Improvement Contractors
Chapter 400a Secs. 20-435 to 20-449Asbestos Contractors and Asbestos Consultants
Chapter 400b Secs. 20-450 to 20-473Community Association Managers
Chapter 400c Secs. 20-474 to 20-483Lead Abatement Consultants, Contractors and Workers
Chapter 400d Secs. 20-484 to 20-489Home Building Contractors (Repealed)
Chapter 400f Secs. 20-490 to 20-499Home Inspectors
Chapter 400g Secs. 20-500 to 20-539Real Estate Appraisers and Appraisal Management Companies
Chapter 400h Secs. 20-540 to 20-552Public Service Gas Technicians
Chapter 400i Secs. 20-553 to 20-569Uniform Athlete Agents Act
Chapter 400j Secs. 20-570 to 20-639Pharmacy
Chapter 400k Secs. 20-640 to 20-649Industrial Hygiene and Safety Inspectors
Chapter 400l Secs. 20-650 to 20-659Shorthand Reporters
Chapter 400m Secs. 20-660 to 20-669Hypnotists
Chapter 400o Secs. 20-670 to 20-690Homemaker-Companion Agencies
Chapter 400p Sec. 20-691Locksmiths

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