Chapter 16 Secs. 2-1 to 2-53lGeneral Assembly
Chapter 17 Secs. 2-54 to 2-62Legislative Commissioners' Office
Chapter 18 Secs. 2-63 to 2-71Legislative Council (Repealed)
Chapter 18a Secs. 2-71a to 2-71xJoint Committee on Legislative Management
Chapter 19 Secs. 2-72 to 2-79Committees on Intergovernmental Cooperation
Chapter 19a Sec. 2-79aAdvisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations
Chapter 20 Sec. 2-80Commission on Uniform Legislation
Chapter 21 Secs. 2-81 to 2-84Legislative Intern Program
Chapter 22 Secs. 2-85 to 2-88Connecticut Law Revision Commission
Chapter 23 Secs. 2-89 to 2-99Auditors of Public Accounts
Chapter 23a Sec. 2-100Commission on Local Government in Connecticut (Repealed)
Chapter 23b Secs. 2-101 to 2-109Office of the Inspector General (Repealed)
Chapter 23c Secs. 2-110 to 2-119Commission on Innovation and Productivity
Chapter 23d Sec. 2-120Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission
Chapter 23e Sec. 2-121African-American Affairs Commission
Chapter 23f Sec. 2-122Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission

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