Chapter 319o Secs. 17b-1 to 17b-59Department of Social Services
Chapter 319q Secs. 17b-60 to 17b-74Administrative Hearings
Chapter 319s Secs. 17b-75 to 17b-189Financial Assistance
Chapter 319t Secs. 17b-190 to 17b-219State-Administered General Assistance
Chapter 319v Secs. 17b-220 to 17b-319Medical Assistance
Chapter 319x Secs. 17b-320 to 17b-336Nursing Home Resident Day User Fee
Chapter 319y Secs. 17b-337 to 17b-399Long-Term Care
Chapter 319aa Secs. 17b-400 to 17b-419Office of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman
Chapter 319bb Secs. 17b-420 to 17b-449Services for the Elderly
Chapter 319dd Secs. 17b-450 to 17b-489Protective Services for the Elderly
Chapter 319ff Secs. 17b-490 to 17b-519Connecticut Pharmaceutical Assistance Contract to the Elderly and the Disabled Program
Chapter 319hh Secs. 17b-520 to 17b-549Management of Continuing Care Facilities
Chapter 319jj Secs. 17b-550 to 17b-596Medicare Assignment
Chapter 319mm Secs. 17b-597 to 17b-679Assistance to the Disabled
Chapter 319oo Secs. 17b-680 to 17b-729Employment and Training
Chapter 319rr Secs. 17b-730 to 17b-789Child Care and Protection
Chapter 319tt Secs. 17b-790 to 17b-799Nutritional Assistance
Chapter 319uu Secs. 17b-800 to 17b-849Housing Assistance
Chapter 319ww Secs. 17b-850 to 17b-884Preventative Services to Families
Chapter 319yy Secs. 17b-885 to 17b-895Community Action Agencies

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