TITLE 13a*

      *History: 1963 Public Act 226 was a restatement and rearrangement of Title 13 of the general statutes, revision of 1958, as amended in 1959 and 1961, and will not be explained in section histories, for no substantive changes were made in the restatement.

      History of former chapter 231. 8 CS 447.

Chapter 236 Secs. 13a-1 to 13a-13aDefinitions and Administration
Chapter 237 Secs. 13a-14 to 13a-35State Highway System
Chapter 238 Secs. 13a-36 to 13a-153fHighway Construction and Maintenance
Chapter 239 Secs. 13a-154 to 13a-162bTolls
Chapter 240 Secs. 13a-163 to 13a-246Highway Financing
Chapter 241 Secs. 13a-247 to 13a-258Miscellaneous Provisions

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