*Cited. 207 C. 683.

Chapter 201 Secs. 12-1 to 12-34eState and Local Revenue Services. Department of Revenue Services
Chapter 202 Secs. 12-35 to 12-39bbCollection of State Taxes
Chapter 203 Secs. 12-40 to 12-121zProperty Tax Assessment
Chapter 203a Secs. 12-121aa to 12-121ccThe Connecticut Appeals Board for Property Valuation (Repealed)
Chapter 204 Secs. 12-122 to 12-170Local Levy and Collection of Taxes
Chapter 204a Secs. 12-170a to 12-170ddProperty Tax Relief for Elderly Homeowners and Renters and Persons with Permanent Total Disability
Chapter 205 Secs. 12-171 to 12-195hMunicipal Tax Liens
Chapter 206 Secs. 12-196 to 12-200School District Tax
Chapter 207 Secs. 12-201 to 12-212cInsurance Companies, Hospital and Medical Services Corporations Taxes
Chapter 208 Secs. 12-213 to 12-242zCorporation Business Tax
Chapter 208a Secs. 12-242aa to 12-242ddUnrelated Business Income of Nonprofit Corporations Tax
Chapter 208b Secs. 12-242ee to 12-242yyTaxation of Interest on Certain Obligations of the State of Connecticut
Chapter 209 Secs. 12-243 to 12-248Air Carriers Tax
Chapter 210 Secs. 12-249 to 12-255Railroad Companies Tax
Chapter 210a Secs. 12-255a to 12-255tTelecommunications Service Company Tax (Repealed)
Chapter 211 Secs. 12-256 to 12-263Community Antenna Television Systems and One-Way Satellite Transmission Businesses Tax
Chapter 211a Secs. 12-263a to 12-263lHospitals Tax
Chapter 211b Sec. 12-263mDry Cleaning Tax
Chapter 212 Secs. 12-264 to 12-268Utility Companies Tax
Chapter 212a Secs. 12-268a to 12-268mPublic Service Companies Tax
Chapter 213 Secs. 12-269 to 12-284aUnincorporated Business Tax (Repealed)
Chapter 213a Sec. 12-284bLimited Liability Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships, Limited Partnerships and S Corporations Tax
Chapter 214 Secs. 12-285 to 12-330Cigarette Taxes
Chapter 214a Secs. 12-330a to 12-330pTobacco Products Tax
Chapter 215 Secs. 12-331 to 12-339bAmusement Places Tax (Repealed)
Chapter 216 Secs. 12-340 to 12-390Succession and Transfer Taxes
Chapter 216a Secs. 12-390a to 12-390eGeneration-Skipping Transfer Tax
Chapter 217 Secs. 12-391 to 12-399Estate Tax
Chapter 218 Secs. 12-400 to 12-405Federal and State Estate Taxes
Chapter 218a Secs. 12-405a to 12-405mEstate Income Tax
Chapter 219 Secs. 12-406 to 12-432cSales and Use Taxes
Chapter 220 Secs. 12-433 to 12-454Alcoholic Beverages Tax
Chapter 221 Secs. 12-455 to 12-477bMotor Vehicle Fuels Tax
Chapter 222 Secs. 12-478 to 12-493Motor Carrier Road Tax
Chapter 223 Secs. 12-494 to 12-504hReal Estate Conveyance Tax
Chapter 224 Secs. 12-505 to 12-522aDividends, Interest Income and Capital Gains Tax
Chapter 225 Secs. 12-523 to 12-556gAdmissions, Cabaret and Dues Tax
Chapter 226 Secs. 12-557 to 12-578Division of Special Revenue and Gaming Policy Board
Chapter 226a Secs. 12-579 to 12-582Municipal Admissions Tax on Places Licensed by the Gaming Policy Board
Chapter 226b Secs. 12-583 to 12-586eDisclosure Statements with Regard to Pari-Mutuel Betting
Chapter 226c Secs. 12-586f to 12-586gAdministration of Tribal-State Compacts
Chapter 227 Secs. 12-587 to 12-609Sale of Petroleum Products Gross Earnings Tax
Chapter 228 Secs. 12-610 to 12-630zUnincorporated Business Tax (Conditionally Repealed)
Chapter 228a Secs. 12-630aa to 12-638R.E. Van Norstrand Neighborhood Assistance Act
Chapter 228b Secs. 12-638a to 12-639Controlling Interest Transfer Tax
Chapter 228c Secs. 12-640 to 12-649Gift Tax
Chapter 228d Secs. 12-650 to 12-664Marijuana and Controlled Substances Tax
Chapter 228e Secs. 12-665 to 12-674Tourism Account Surcharge
Chapter 228f Secs. 12-675 to 12-684Nursing Home Tax (Repealed)
Chapter 228g Secs. 12-685 to 12-691Filings and Electronic Funds Transfers
Chapter 228h Secs. 12-692 to 12-699Motor Vehicle and Machinery Rental Surcharge
Chapter 229 Secs. 12-700 to 12-799Income Tax
Chapter 229a Secs. 12-800 to 12-834Connecticut Lottery Corporation

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