*Constitutional provision requiring state to maintain higher education system is made effective by this title. 175 C. 586.

      Cited. 34 CA 567. Title 10 statutes cited. Id.

Chapter 163 Secs. 10-1 to 10-14dState Board of Education. Department of Education
Chapter 163a Secs. 10-14e to 10-14hProficiency Examinations (Repealed)
Chapter 163b Secs. 10-14i to 10-14lPrivate Occupational School Student Protection Fund (See Chapter 185, Part I)
Chapter 163c Secs. 10-14m to 10-14sEducation Evaluation and Remedial Assistance
Chapter 164 Secs. 10-15 to 10-116sEducational Opportunities
Chapter 165 Secs. 10-117 to 10-144n(The University of Connecticut) Advisory Council for Professional Standards
Chapter 166 Secs. 10-144o to 10-159aTeachers and Superintendents
Chapter 167 Secs. 10-160 to 10-183aTeachers' Retirement System (Repealed)
Chapter 167a Secs. 10-183b to 10-183rrTeachers' Retirement System
Chapter 168 Secs. 10-184 to 10-202fSchool Attendance and Employment of Children
Chapter 169 Secs. 10-203 to 10-217gSchool Health and Sanitation
Chapter 170 Secs. 10-218 to 10-239kBoards of Education
Chapter 171 Secs. 10-240 to 10-248aTown Management
Chapter 172 Secs. 10-249 to 10-281Support of Public Schools. Transportation
Chapter 172a Secs. 10-281a to 10-281ggReimbursement Grants for Parental Equivalent Instruction Costs (Repealed)
Chapter 173 Secs. 10-282 to 10-292pPublic School Building Projects
Chapter 174 Secs. 10-293 to 10-311aEducation of the Blind
Chapter 175 Secs. 10-312 to 10-316aEducation of the Deaf
Chapter 176 Secs. 10-317 to 10-320aNew England Higher Education Compact (See Chapter 185a)
Chapter 177 Secs. 10-320b to 10-321gConnecticut Historical Commission (See Chapter 184b)
Chapter 177a Secs. 10-321h to 10-321pAmerican Revolution Bicentennial Commission (Repealed)
Chapter 177b Secs. 10-321q to 10-321vState Historic Preservation Board
Chapter 177c Secs. 10-321w to 10-321ccUnited States Constitution Bicentennial Commission (Repealed)
Chapter 178 Secs. 10-322 to 10-334hState System of Higher Education (See Chapter 185)
Chapter 179 Secs. 10-335 to 10-357Connecticut Health and Educational Facilities Authority (See Chapter 187)
Chapter 180 Secs. 10-358 to 10-368eConnecticut Student Loan Foundation (See Chapter 187a)
Chapter 181 Secs. 10-369 to 10-373zState Commission on the Arts (See Chapter 184b)
Chapter 181a Secs. 10-373aa to 10-373bbConnecticut Humanities Grants
Chapter 182 Secs. 10-374 to 10-376Compact for Education
Chapter 183 Secs. 10-377 to 10-379State Museum of Connecticut History (Repealed)
Chapter 184 Sec. 10-380Cultural Commissions (Repealed)
Chapter 184a Secs. 10-381 to 10-391Native American Cultures. Policy Concerning Archaeological Investigations
Chapter 184b Secs. 10-392 to 10-425Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism

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