Public Health Committee


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

11:00 AM in Room 1D of the LOB

I. Committee Bills For Review

1. S.B. No. 852 (Raised) An Act Concerning Supportive Housing Initiatives.

2. H.B. No. 6278 (Raised) An Act Concerning The Department Of Developmental Services Division Of Autism Spectrum Disorder Services.

3. S.B. No. 883 (Raised) An Act Concerning Various Revisions To Statutes Concerning The Department Of Mental Health And Addiction Services.

4. S.B. No. 884 (Raised) An Act Prohibiting Smoking In Private Clubs.

5. H.B. No. 5045 (Comm) An Act Requiring Health Care Providers To Display Photographic Identification Badges During Work Hours. (Ph)

6. H.B. No. 5048 (Comm) An Act Requiring Certificate Of Need Approval For The Termination Of Inpatient And Outpatient Services By A Hospital. (Ph)

7. H.B. No. 6279 (Raised) An Act Concerning Revisions To Statutes Relating To The Department Of Developmental Services Including The Utilization Of Respectful Language When Referring To Persons With Intellectual Disability.

8. H.B. No. 6258 (Raised) An Act Concerning Business Names Used By Practicing Chiropractors.

9. H.B. No. 6277 (Raised) An Act Concerning The Operation Of Blood Drives.

10. S.B. No. 885 (Raised) An Act Permitting Inquiry Access To The Department Of Developmental Services' Abuse And Neglect Registry For Charitable Organizations Which Recruit Volunteers To Work With Persons With Intellectual Disabilities.

11. S.B. No. 853 (Raised) An Act Concerning The Legislative Commissioners' Recommendations For Technical Revisions To The Public Health Statutes.