Chapter 697 General Provisions
Secs. 38a-9, 38a-11, 38a-12, 38a-14, 38a-16, 38a-17, 38a-18 & 38a-21
Chapter 698 Insurers
Secs. 38a-47, 38a-48, 38a-53, 38a-91hh, 38a-91nn, 38a-102 & 38a-102b
Chapter 698a Health Care and Related Service Groups
Secs. 38a-226a & 38a-226c
Chapter 698c Risk Retention Groups
Sec. 38a-260
Chapter 700 Property and Casualty Insurance
Secs. 38a-307, 38a-307a, 38a-335a, 38a-336a, 38a-343, 38a-351a, 38a-354 & 38a-364
Chapter 700b Life Insurance, Annuities, Burial Contracts and Life Settlements
Secs. 38a-432b, 38a-457, 38a-465a, 38a-465c, 38a-465e, 38a-465h, 38a-465i, 38a-465j & 38a-465p
Chapter 700c Health Insurance
Secs. 38a-469, 38a-470, 38a-477c, 38a-478, 38a-478c, 38a-478g, 38a-478l, 38a-478n, 38a-479, 38a-479b, 38a-481, 38a-490a, 38a-492m, 38a-492n, 38a-497, 38a-503, 38a-513e, 38a-514b, 38a-516a, 38a-518l, 38a-518m, 38a-530 & 38a-554
Chapter 700d Fraternal Benefit Societies
Sec. 38a-624a
Chapter 701 Personal and Commercial Risk Insurance Rating Practices
Secs. 38a-676a, 38a-688a & 38a-696
Chapter 704a Insurance Guaranty Funds
Sec. 38a-860
Chapter 705 Connecticut Insurance Information and Privacy Protection Act
Secs. 38a-981 & 38a-984
Chapter 706b Office of the Healthcare Advocate
Sec. 38a-1051

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