Chapter 664 General Statement and Definitions
Sec. 36a-3
Chapter 664a Administration and Enforcement
Secs. 36a-14, 36a-21, 36a-34, 36a-51 & 36a-65
Chapter 664b Corporate Organization and Administration of Connecticut Banks
Secs. 36a-70 & 36a-110
Chapter 664c Fundamental Changes Involving Banks, Branches, Automated Teller Machines, Home Banking and Bank Holding Companies
Sec. 36a-145
Chapter 666 Out-Of-State Banks
Sec. 36a-412
Chapter 668 Nondepository Financial Institutions
Secs. 36a-485, 36a-486, 36a-487, 36a-488, 36a-489, 36a-489a, 36a-490, 36a-491, 36a-492, 36a-493, 36a-494, 36a-496, 36a-497, 36a-498, 36a-498a, 36a-498c, 36a-498d, 36a-498e, 36a-498f, 36a-498g, 36a-534b, 36a-537, 36a-541, 36a-555, 36a-556, 36a-557, 36a-573, 36a-581, 36a-582, 36a-596, 36a-597, 36a-598, 36a-599, 36a-600, 36a-602, 36a-605, 36a-607, 36a-608 & 36a-609
Chapter 669 Regulated Activities
Secs. 36a-647, 36a-648a, 36a-655, 36a-656, 36a-660, 36a-661, 36a-661a, 36a-664, 36a-671, 36a-671a, 36a-671b, 36a-671c, 36a-671d, 36a-718, 36a-746c, 36a-759a, 36a-760, 36a-760d, 36a-760e, 36a-760j, 36a-785, 36a-801, 36a-802, 36a-806, 36a-807 & 36a-808

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