Chapter 439 Environmental Protection Department and State Policy
Secs. 22a-6f, 22a-21j, 22a-27g, 22a-27h, 22a-27j, 22a-27k, 22a-27m, 22a-27n, 22a-27o, 22a-27q, 22a-27u, 22a-27v & 22a-27w
Chapter 440 Wetlands and Watercourses
Sec. 22a-42a
Chapter 441 Pesticide Control
Secs. 22a-50, 22a-54, 22a-54a, 22a-56, 22a-63, 22a-66c & 22a-66z
Chapter 445 Hazardous Waste
Secs. 22a-133f, 22a-133v, 22a-133x, 22a-133dd, 22a-134, 22a-134a, 22a-134b & 22a-134e
Chapter 446a Radiation and Radioactive Materials
Sec. 22a-150
Chapter 446c Air Pollution Control
Secs. 22a-174, 22a-190, 22a-191a, 22a-200c & 22a-201c
Chapter 446d Solid Waste Management
Secs. 22a-209f, 22a-233, 22a-233a, 22a-234a, 22a-240a, 22a-241, 22a-241h, 22a-243, 22a-244, 22a-245, 22a-245a, 22a-245b, 22a-245c, 22a-256t & 22a-256cc
Chapter 446i Water Resources
Secs. 22a-342, 22a-361, 22a-363c, 22a-372, 22a-379, 22a-381c & 22a-381d
Chapter 446j Dams and Reservoirs
Sec. 22a-409
Chapter 446k Water Pollution Control
Secs. 22a-448, 22a-449, 22a-449b, 22a-449c, 22a-449d, 22a-449e, 22a-449f, 22a-449i, 22a-449k, 22a-449l, 22a-449m, 22a-449n, 22a-449p, 22a-451, 22a-451a, 22a-451b, 22a-454, 22a-454a, 22a-454b, 22a-454c, 22a-471, 22a-477 & 22a-483
Chapter 446n Covered Electronic Devices
Secs. 22a-630 & 22a-631

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