Chapter 422 Department of Agriculture
Secs. 22-12b, 22-26c, 22-26j & 22-26k
Chapter 422a Agricultural Lands
Sec. 22-26hh
Chapter 424 Agricultural and Vegetable Seeds
Sec. 22-57
Chapter 426 Agricultural Experiment Stations
Sec. 22-84
Chapter 427a Connecticut Fertilizer Law of 2008
Secs. 22-111a, 22-111b, 22-111c, 22-111d, 22-111e, 22-111f, 22-111g, 22-111h, 22-111i, 22-111j, 22-111k, 22-111l, 22-111m, 22-111n, 22-111o, 22-111p, 22-111r, 22-111s, 22-111t, 22-111u, 22-111v, 22-111w & 22-111x
Chapter 430 Milk and Milk Products
Secs. 22-127 & 22-129
Chapter 431 Milk Industry
Secs. 22-211a, 22-229a & 22-236
Chapter 432 Slaughtering of Animals. Commission Sales Stables
Sec. 22-277
Chapter 433 Diseases of Domestic Animals
Sec. 22-320c
Chapter 434 Poultry Farming. Poultry Dealers. Diseases of Poultry
Sec. 22-326f
Chapter 435 Dogs and Other Companion Animals. Kennels and Pet Shops
Secs. 22-332b, 22-339b, 22-344, 22-344b & 22-354
Chapter 436a Animal Population Control
Sec. 22-380e
Chapter 437 Livestock Dealers
Secs. 22-384 & 22-385
Chapter 438a Horses
Sec. 22-414

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