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Sec. 36a-3. Other defined terms.

      Sec. 36a-3. Other defined terms. Other definitions applying to this title or to specified parts thereof and the sections in which they appear are:

      "Account". Sections 36a-155 and 36a-365.

      "Additional proceeds". Section 36a-746e.

      "Administrative expense". Section 36a-237.

      "Advance fee". Sections 36a-485 and 36a-615.

      "Advertise" or "advertisement". Section 36a-485.

      "Agency bank". Section 36a-285.

      "Alternative mortgage loan". Section 36a-265.

      "Amount financed". Section 36a-690.

      "Annual percentage rate". Section 36a-690.

      "Annual percentage yield". Section 36a-316.

      "Annuities". Section 36a-455a.

      "Applicant". Section 36a-736.

      "APR". Section 36a-746a.

      "Assessment area". Section 36a-37.

      "Assets". Section 36a-70.

      "Associate". Section 36a-184.

      "Associated member". Section 36a-458a.

      "Bank". Section 36a-30.

      "Bankers' bank". Section 36a-70.

      "Banking business". Section 36a-425.

      "Basic services". Section 36a-437a.

      "Billing cycle". Section 36a-565.

      "Bona fide nonprofit organization". Section 36a-655.

      "Branch". Sections 36a-145, 36a-410 and 36a-435b.

      "Branch office". Section 36a-485.

      "Branch or agency net payment entitlement". Section 36a-428n.

      "Branch or agency net payment obligation". Section 36a-428n.

      "Broker". Section 36a-746a.

      "Business and industrial development corporation". Section 36a-626.

      "Business and property in this state". Section 36a-428n.

      "Capital". Section 36a-435b.

      "Cash advance". Section 36a-564.

      "Cash price". Section 36a-770.

      "Certificate of incorporation". Section 36a-435b.

      "CHFA loan". Section 36a-760.

      "Closely related activities". Sections 36a-250 and 36a-455a.

      "Collective managing agency account". Section 36a-365.

      "Commercial vehicle". Section 36a-770.

      "Community bank". Section 36a-70.

      "Community credit union". Section 36a-37.

      "Community development bank". Section 36a-70.

      "Community reinvestment performance". Section 36a-37.

      "Connecticut holding company". Sections 36a-53 and 36a-410.

      "Consolidate". Section 36a-145.

      "Construction loan". Section 36a-458a.

      "Consumer". Sections 36a-155, 36a-676 and 36a-695.

      "Consumer Credit Protection Act". Section 36a-676.

      "Consumer debtor" and "debtor". Sections 36a-645 and 36a-800.

      "Consumer collection agency". Section 36a-800.

      "Consummation". Section 36a-746a.

      "Controlling interest". Section 36a-276.

      "Conventional mortgage rate". Section 36a-760.

      "Corporate". Section 36a-435b.

      "Credit". Sections 36a-645 and 36a-676.

      "Credit manager". Section 36a-435b.

      "Creditor". Sections 36a-676, 36a-695 and 36a-800.

      "Credit card", "cardholder" and "card issuer". Section 36a-676.

      "Credit clinic". Section 36a-700.

      "Credit rating agency". Section 36a-695.

      "Credit report". Section 36a-695.

      "Credit sale". Section 36a-676.

      "Credit union service organization". Section 36a-435b.

      "Credit union service organization services". Section 36a-435b.

      "De novo branch". Section 36a-410.

      "Debt". Section 36a-645.

      "Debt adjustment". Section 36a-655.

      "Debt mutual fund". Sections 36a-275 and 36a-459a.

      "Debt securities". Sections 36a-275 and 36a-459a.

      "Debtor". Section 36a-655.

      "Deliver". Section 36a-316.

      "Deposit". Section 36a-316.

      "Deposit account". Section 36a-316.

      "Deposit account charge". Section 36a-316.

      "Deposit account disclosures". Section 36a-316.

      "Deposit contract". Section 36a-316.

      "Deposit services". Section 36a-425.

      "Depositor". Section 36a-316.

      "Director". Section 36a-435b.

      "Earning period". Section 36a-316.

      "Electronic payment instrument". Section 36a-596.

      "Eligible collateral". Section 36a-330.

      "Eligible entity". Section 36a-34.

      "Equity mutual fund". Sections 36a-276 and 36a-459a.

      "Equity security". Sections 36a-276 and 36a-459a.

      "Executive officer". Sections 36a-263 and 36a-469c.

      "Expedited Connecticut bank". Section 36a-70.

      "Federal Credit Union Act". Section 36a-435b.

      "Federal Home Mortgage Disclosure Act". Section 36a-736.

      "FHA loan". Section 36a-760.

      "Fiduciary". Section 36a-365.

      "Filing fee". Section 36a-770.

      "Finance charge". Sections 36a-690 and 36a-770.

      "Financial institution". Sections 36a-41, 36a-44a, 36a-155, 36a-316, 36a-330, 36a-435b, 36a-736 and 36a-755.

      "Financial records". Section 36a-41.

      "First mortgage loan". Sections 36a-485, 36a-705, 36a-715 and 36a-725.

      "Foreign banking corporation". Section 36a-425.

      "Fully indexed rate". Section 36a-760b.

      "General facility". Section 36a-580.

      "Global net payment entitlement". Section 36a-428n.

      "Global net payment obligation". Section 36a-428n.

      "Goods". Sections 36a-535 and 36a-770.

      "Graduated payment mortgage loan". Section 36a-265.

      "Guardian". Section 36a-365.

      "High cost home loan". Section 36a-746a.

      "Holder". Section 36a-596.

      "Home banking services". Section 36a-170.

      "Home banking terminal". Section 36a-170.

      "Home improvement loan". Section 36a-736.

      "Home purchase loan". Section 36a-736.

      "Home state". Section 36a-410.

      "Immediate family member". Section 36a-435b.

      "Insider". Section 36a-454b.

      "Installment loan contract". Sections 36a-535 and 36a-770.

      "Insurance". Section 36a-455a.

      "Insurance bank". Section 36a-285.

      "Insurance department". Section 36a-285.

      "Interest". Section 36a-316.

      "Interest rate". Section 36a-316.

      "Interim interest". Section 36a-746a.

      "Lender". Sections 36a-746a, 36a-760 and 36a-770.

      "Lessor". Section 36a-676.

      "License". Section 36a-626.

      "Licensee". Sections 36a-596 and 36a-626.

      "Limited branch". Section 36a-145.

      "Limited facility". Section 36a-580.

      "Loan broker". Section 36a-615.

      "Loss". Section 36a-330.

      "Made in this state". Section 36a-770.

      "Main office". Section 36a-485.

      "Managing agent". Section 36a-365.

      "Manufactured home". Section 36a-457b.

      "Material litigation". Section 36a-596.

      "Member". Section 36a-435b.

      "Member business loan". Section 36a-458a.

      "Member in good standing". Section 36a-435b.

      "Membership share". Section 36a-435b.

      "Mobile branch". Sections 36a-145 and 36a-435b.

      "Money order". Section 36a-596.

      "Money transmission". Section 36a-365.

      "Mortgage". Section 36a-760g.

      "Mortgage broker". Sections 36a-485, 36a-705 and 36a-760.

      "Mortgage correspondent lender". Section 36a-485.

      "Mortgage insurance". Section 36a-725.

      "Mortgage lender". Sections 36a-485, 36a-705 and 36a-725.

      "Mortgage loan". Sections 36a-261, 36a-265, 36a-457b, 36a-485 and 36a-736.

      "Mortgage loan originator". Section 36a-485.

      "Mortgage rate lock-in". Section 36a-705.

      "Mortgage servicing company". Section 36a-715.

      "Mortgagor". Section 36a-715.

      "Motor vehicle". Section 36a-770.

      "Multiple common bond membership". Section 36a-435b.

      "Municipality". Section 36a-800.

      "Net outstanding member business loan balance". Section 36a-458a.

      "Net worth". Sections 36a-441a, 36a-458a and 36a-596.

      "Network". Section 36a-155.

      "Nonprime home loan". Section 36a-760.

      "Nonrefundable". Section 36a-498.

      "Note account". Sections 36a-301 and 36a-456b.

      "Office". Sections 36a-23, 36a-316 and 36a-485.

      "Officer". Section 36a-435b.

      "Open-end credit plan". Section 36a-676.

      "Open-end line of credit". Section 36a-760.

      "Open-end loan". Section 36a-565.

      "Organization". Section 36a-800.

      "Out-of-state holding company". Section 36a-410.

      "Outstanding". Section 36a-596.

      "Passbook savings account". Section 36a-316.

      "Payment instrument". Section 36a-596.

      "Periodic statement". Section 36a-316.

      "Permissible investment". Section 36a-596.

      "Person". Section 36a-184.

      "Post". Section 36a-316.

      "Prepaid finance charge". Section 36a-746a.

      "Prime quality". Section 36a-596.

      "Principal amount of the loan". Section 36a-485.

      "Processor". Section 36a-155.

      "Public deposit". Section 36a-330.

      "Purchaser". Section 36a-596.

      "Qualified financial contract". Section 36a-428n.

      "Qualified public depository" and "depository". Section 36a-330.

      "Real estate". Section 36a-457b.

      "Records". Section 36a-17.

      "Related person". Section 36a-53.

      "Relocate". Sections 36a-145 and 36a-462a.

      "Residential property". Section 36a-485.

      "Resulting entity". Section 36a-34.

      "Retail buyer". Sections 36a-535 and 36a-770.

      "Retail credit transaction". Section 42-100b.

      "Retail installment contract". Sections 36a-535 and 36a-770.

      "Retail installment sale". Sections 36a-535 and 36a-770.

      "Retail seller". Sections 36a-535 and 36a-770.

      "Reverse annuity mortgage loan". Section 36a-265.

      "Sales finance company". Sections 36a-535 and 36a-770.

      "Savings department". Section 36a-285.

      "Savings deposit". Section 36a-316.

      "Secondary mortgage loan". Section 36a-485.

      "Security convertible into a voting security". Section 36a-184.

      "Senior management". Section 36a-435b.

      "Share". Section 36a-435b.

      "Simulated check". Section 36a-485.

      "Single common bond membership". Section 36a-435b.

      "Special mortgage". Section 36a-760c.

      "Social purpose investment". Section 36a-277.

      "Standard mortgage loan". Section 36a-265.

      "Table funding agreement". Section 36a-485.

      "Tax and loan account". Sections 36a-301 and 36a-456b.

      "The Savings Bank Life Insurance Company". Section 36a-285.

      "Time account". Section 36a-316.

      "Travelers check". Section 36a-596.

      "Troubled Connecticut credit union". Section 36a-448a.

      "Unsecured loan". Section 36a-615.

      "Warehouse agreement". Section 36a-485.

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