Public Safety and Security Committee


Thursday, February 4, 2010

11:00 AM in Room 2B of the LOB

The meeting was called to order at 11:05AM by Chairman, Rep. Dargan, S. 115

The following committee members were present:


Daily E. S33; Guglielmo A. S35; Stillman A. S20



Bacchiochi P. 052; Caruso C. 126; Chapin C. 067; D'Amelio A. 071; Dargan S. 115; Esposito L. 116; Gonzalez M. 003; Hewett E. 039; Jarmoc K. 059; Jutila E. 037; Mikutel S. 045; Orange L. 048; Perillo J. 113; Rebimbas R. 070; Robles H. 006; Sayers P. 060; Shapiro J. 144


Absent were:





Boukus E. 022; Clemons C. 124; Larson T. 011


Sen. Stillman welcomed the committee members and staff back for the new session.

She advised the members that bill screening was underway and that members should be aware of the bill deadlines.

Rep. Dargan informed the members that there is no money, no time, and that the committee was not likely to do too much.

Sen. Stillman asked for a motion to raise the following concepts:


1. AAC the Timing of Testing for Blood Alcohol Levels in Operating Under the Influence Cases

2. AAC the Advertisement of Bazaars and Raffles

3. AA Permitting "Fifty-Fifty" Coupon Games at Certain Organization Functions and Athletic Events

4. AAC the Term “Emergency Management Director” and Redefining “Major Disaster” and “Emergency.”

5. AAC Civil Preparedness and Public Health Emergencies

6. AAC an Assessment for Regulatory Oversight of the Connecticut Lottery Corporation

7. AAC the Collection of DNA

8. AAC Regulations of Firearms

9. AAC False Alarms

10. AA Clarifying Pawnbroker Statutes

11. AAC Indemnification of Fire Service Instructors

12. AA Clarifying the Conditions Under Which Local Fire Marshals May Be Discharged

13. AAC Resident State Troopers

14. AAC Assaults of Public Safety or Emergency Medical Personnel

15. AAC Regional Fire School Designation Authority

16. AA Redefining “Peace Officer” to Include Secret Service Agents

Motion was made by Rep. Orange, seconded by Rep. Chapin. The motion passed on a voice vote.


Sen. Stillman announced that the next committee meeting will be held on Thursday, Feb. 11 at 11AM in Room 1B.


A motion was duly made and seconded to adjourn the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:08AM..

Madeline Grabinski

Assistant Committee Clerk