PA 09-136—sHB 6540

Select Committee on Aging

Public Health Committee

Human Services Committee

Appropriations Committee


SUMMARY: This act prohibits certain health insurance policies that provide prescription eye drop coverage from denying coverage for prescription renewals when (1) the refill is requested by the insured less than 30 days from either (a) the date the original prescription was given to the insured or (b) the last date the prescription refill was given to the insured, whichever is later, and (2) the prescribing physician indicates on the original prescription that additional quantities are needed and the refill request does not exceed this amount.

The act applies to individual and group health insurance policies delivered, issued, renewed, amended, or continued in Connecticut on or after January 1, 2010 that cover (1) basic hospital expenses; (2) basic medical-surgical expenses; (3) major medical expenses; and (4) hospital or medical services, including coverage under an HMO plan.

Due to federal law (ERISA), state insurance benefit mandates do not apply to self-insured benefit plans.

EFFECTIVE DATE: January 1, 2010

OLR Tracking: ND: JK: SS; TS