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As Amended by House "A" (LCO 7939), House "B" (LCO 7856)

House Calendar No. : 403

Senate Calendar No. : 674

OFA Fiscal Note

State Impact: See Below

Municipal Impact: See Below


This bill establishes the SustiNet Health Partnership board of directors. The purpose of the Partnership is to design and establish the SustiNet Plan, which is intended to provide health care coverage in the state. The Partnership, as proposed in this bill, is not to be construed as a department, institution, or agency of the state. The Partnership is required to submit a range of recommendations to the General Assembly concerning the implementation of the SustiNet Plan, including the creation of an agency having the power to operate as a quasi-public authority. These recommendations must be submitted as proposed legislation to the General Assembly by January 1, 2011. The Partnership is also required to establish several committees that are required to make recommendations in a variety of health care policy areas.

The bill establishes the SustiNet Health Partnership board of directors as a voluntary organization that is not a state agency and receives no appropriated funds. State agencies that are involved with the Board will incur minimal administrative expenses related to Board activities. Any additional potential costs associated with this organization would involve the implementation of the recommendations made to the legislature as outlined in the bill. However, as those recommendations are subject to approval by the legislature, any costs associated with them would be related to the implementation of that subsequent legislation.

The bill has further requirements that may lead to potential administrative costs for the Departments of Revenue Services and Labor, and the Office of Health Care Advocate.

The bill establishes three task forces to study obesity, tobacco use, and shortages in medical personnel. Any state agencies that are involved with these task forces will incur minimal administrative expenses related to task force activities.

House “A” struck the underlying bill and replaced it with the impact noted above. This eliminated a significant cost associated with an expansion of eligibility under the Department of Social Services' HUSKY programs.

House “B” made individuals who serve on the SustiNet board subject to provisions concerning filing statements of financial interests. It had no associated fiscal impact.