OLR Bill Analysis

sHB 6465



This bill requires the Transportation Strategy Board to include a capital plan for transportation investment that incorporates the principles of smart growth, as defined in sHB 6467, in any revision of the state's transportation strategy it prepares after October 1, 2009. By law, the board must revise the plan every four years, with the next plan due January 1, 2011. Revisions must include a projection of required capital investments.

The bill requires the board to submit to the Bond Commission, prior to the allocation of any bond funds for any transportation capital project, an advisory statement commenting on the extent to which project incorporates the smart growth principles. It (1) bars the Bond Commission from authorizing bonds for such projects until it has received this statements and (2) requires the Bond Commission to consider the advisory statement in allocating bond funds for the project.

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2009


Under sHB 6467, “smart growth principles” mean standards and objectives that support and encourage smart growth when used to guide actions and decisions. These include, standards and criteria for:

1. integrated planning that coordinates state and local tax, transportation, housing, environmental, and economic development policies;

2. reducing municipal reliance on the property tax by creating efficiencies and coordinating services on the regional level while reducing interlocal competition for grand list growth;

3. redeveloping existing infrastructure and resources, including brownfields and historic places;

4. transportation choices that provide alternatives to automobiles, including rail, bikeways, and walking, while reducing energy consumption,

5. developing or preserving a workforce or affordable housing for households of varying income in locations close to transportation, employment centers, or other eligible locations, and concentrated, mixed-use development around transportation nodes and civic and cultural centers; and

6. conserving and protecting natural resources by preserving open space, farmland, and historic properties and furthering energy efficiency.


Related Bill

sHB 6467, reported favorably by the Planning and Development Committee, requires that future versions of the state Plan of Conservation and Development and regional and local land use plans incorporate the smart growth principles. It also requires the Office of Policy and Management to develop model zoning regulations to be used by zoning commissions that incorporate these principles.


Planning and Development Committee

Joint Favorable Substitute