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General Assembly



January Session, 2009

LCO No. 5950



Offered by:


SEN. WILLIAMS, 29th Dist.

SEN. LOONEY, 11th Dist.

SEN. GAFFEY, 13th Dist.

SEN. HANDLEY, 4th Dist.

SEN. MCDONALD, 27th Dist.

SEN. STILLMAN, 20th Dist.

SEN. SLOSSBERG, 14th Dist.

SEN. COLEMAN, 2nd Dist.

To: Senate Bill No. 384

File No. 532

Cal. No. 365

In line 42 before "public" insert "joint"

After the period in line 43, insert the following: "In addition, each municipality collaborating in the plan may conduct a public hearing on the plan. Each municipality conducting a public hearing or participating in a joint public hearing shall cause notice to be published in a newspaper having a general circulation in the municipality, at least twice at intervals of not less than two days, the first not more than fifteen days, or less than ten days, and the last not less than two days prior to the date of each such hearing, notice of the time and place of any such public hearing. Any notice required under this subsection may be posted on the web site of the municipality in lieu of publication in a newspaper, provided all other requirements of this subsection with respect to such notice are met. "