Chapter 950 Penal Code: General Provisions
Sec. 53a-3
Chapter 951 Penal Code: Statutory Construction; Principles of Criminal Liability
Secs. 53a-8, 53a-14, 53a-18 & 53a-19
Chapter 952 Penal Code: Offenses
Secs. 53a-30, 53a-32, 53a-32a, 53a-35a, 53a-35b, 53a-40, 53a-40e, 53a-54a, 53a-55a, 53a-59, 53a-59a, 53a-64aa, 53a-64bb, 53a-64cc, 53a-70, 53a-70c, 53a-71, 53a-73a, 53a-90a, 53a-90b, 53a-103, 53a-123, 53a-125b, 53a-133, 53a-136, 53a-136a, 53a-139, 53a-141, 53a-167a, 53a-180d, 53a-181, 53a-181k, 53a-183c, 53a-196a, 53a-196c, 53a-196d, 53a-196e, 53a-196f, 53a-211, 53a-212, 53a-217, 53a-222 & 53a-222a

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