Chapter 813 Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities
Secs. 46a-11, 46a-11a, 46a-11c, 46a-11d & 46a-11f
Chapter 814a Deaf and Hearing Impaired Persons
Secs. 46a-28 & 46a-33a
Chapter 814c Human Rights and Opportunities
Secs. 46a-51, 46a-56, 46a-58, 46a-64, 46a-64c, 46a-68, 46a-68h, 46a-68i, 46a-81b, 46a-81c, 46a-81d, 46a-81e, 46a-81f, 46a-81r, 46a-82, 46a-83, 46a-84 & 46a-86
Chapter 814d Commission on Children
Sec. 46a-126
Chapter 814e Physical Restraint, Medication and Seclusion of Persons Receiving Care, Education or Supervision in A School, Institution or Facility
Secs. 46a-150, 46a-152 & 46a-153
Chapter 814f Trafficking in Persons Council
Sec. 46a-170

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