Chapter 801 Probate Court: Administrative Provisions
Secs. 45a-8, 45a-8b, 45a-63, 45a-77, 45a-79a, 45a-79b, 45a-79c & 45a-92
Chapter 801b Probate Court Procedures
Secs. 45a-132a, 45a-151, 45a-186, 45a-186a, 45a-186b, 45a-186c & 45a-191 and 45a-192
Chapter 802 Fiduciaries
Sec. 45a-199
Chapter 802a Wills: Execution and Construction
Sec. 45a-260
Chapter 802b Decedents' Estates
Secs. 45a-273 & 45a-395
Chapter 802c Trusts
Secs. 45a-487c, 45a-535, 45a-535a, 45a-535b, 45a-535c, 45a-535d, 45a-535e, 45a-535f, 45a-535g, 45a-535h & 45a-535i
Chapter 802d Connecticut Uniform Transfers to Minors Act
Secs. 45a-558k & 45a-559e
Chapter 802g Disclaimer of Property
Sec. 45a-579
Chapter 802h Protected Persons and Their Property
Secs. 45a-593, 45a-595, 45a-607, 45a-609, 45a-616, 45a-644, 45a-645, 45a-645a, 45a-648, 45a-649, 45a-649a, 45a-650, 45a-653, 45a-654, 45a-655, 45a-656, 45a-656b, 45a-659, 45a-660, 45a-662, 45a-663, 45a-670, 45a-671, 45a-674, 45a-676, 45a-677, 45a-679, 45a-681, 45a-682, 45a-692 & 45a-705a
Chapter 803 Termination of Parental Rights and Adoption
Secs. 45a-716 & 45a-729
Chapter 803a Children Conceived Through Artificial Insemination
Secs. 45a-771a, 45a-772 & 45a-775

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