Chapter 697 General Provisions
Secs. 38a-11, 38a-19, 38a-25 & 38a-27
Chapter 698 Insurers
Secs. 38a-53 & 38a-54
Chapter 698a Health Care and Related Service Groups
Secs. 38a-193 & 38a-193a
Chapter 698d Unauthorized Insurers Act
Secs. 38a-271 & 38a-273
Chapter 700 Property and Casualty Insurance
Secs. 38a-316a, 38a-316b, 38a-316c, 38a-317, 38a-335, 38a-371 & 38a-395
Chapter 700c Health Insurance
Secs. 38a-476, 38a-477b, 38a-478d, 38a-478l, 38a-478n, 38a-479, 38a-479aa, 38a-479bb, 38a-479aaa, 38a-479bbb, 38a-479ccc, 38a-479ddd, 38a-479eee, 38a-479fff, 38a-479ggg, 38a-479hhh, 38a-482, 38a-482a, 38a-482b, 38a-488a, 38a-490d*, 38a-492c, 38a-495d, 38a-497, 38a-497a, 38a-498b, 38a-501, 38a-504d, 38a-511, 38a-513c, 38a-513d, 38a-514, 38a-518c, 38a-525b, 38a-535, 38a-542d, 38a-550, 38a-554, 38a-564, 38a-565 & 38a-570
Chapter 700d Fraternal Benefit Societies
Sec. 38a-614
Chapter 701 Personal and Commercial Risk Insurance Rating Practices
Sec. 38a-683
Chapter 701a Insurance Producers and Agents
Sec. 38a-718
Chapter 704 Unfair and Prohibited Practices
Sec. 38a-816
Chapter 704a Insurance Guaranty Funds
Sec. 38a-841
Chapter 704c Insurers Rehabilitation and Liquidation Act and Termination of Domestic Life Insurance Companies
Sec. 38a-962
Chapter 706b Office of the Healthcare Advocate
Sec. 38a-1041

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