Chapter 368a Department of Public Health
Secs. 19a-4l, 19a-6c, 19a-6g, 19a-6h, 19a-6i, 19a-7d, 19a-12a, 19a-12b, 19a-17, 19a-24, 19a-25d, 19a-25e, 19a-26, 19a-32g, 19a-32m, 19a-35a, 19a-36, 19a-37, 19a-40a, 19a-59c, 19a-77, 19a-79, 19a-80, 19a-84, 19a-87b, 19a-88, 19a-88b, 19a-88c, 19a-91, 19a-110, 19a-111a, 19a-111c, 19a-111g*, 19a-111h, 19a-111i, 19a-111j, 19a-111k, 19a-112e, 19a-115, 19a-116a, 19a-121, 19a-121c, 19a-121d, 19a-121f, 19a-122b & 19a-131k
Chapter 368d Emergency Medical Services
Secs. 19a-180 & 19a-196b
Chapter 368e Municipal Health Authorities
Secs. 19a-202, 19a-206, 19a-209a, 19a-209b & 19a-209c
Chapter 368f District Departments of Health
Sec. 19a-245
Chapter 368g Lung Disease, Tuberculosis, Chronic Illness and Breast and Cervical Cancer
Sec. 19a-253
Chapter 368h Kidney Disease
Sec. 19a-269b
Chapter 368i Anatomical Donations
Sec. 19a-270
Chapter 368k Crematories
Secs. 19a-320, 19a-322 & 19a-323
Chapter 368m Nuisances and Public Places
Sec. 19a-342
Chapter 368q Medicolegal Investigations
Sec. 19a-411
Chapter 368r Youth Camps
Sec. 19a-420
Chapter 368v Health Care Institutions
Secs. 19a-487, 19a-487a, 19a-487b, 19a-490, 19a-492d, 19a-495a, 19a-509b, 19a-509d, 19a-512, 19a-535b, 19a-545, 19a-546, 19a-561, 19a-562 & 19a-562a
Chapter 368w Removal of Life Support Systems
Secs. 19a-570, 19a-575a, 19a-576, 19a-577, 19a-580d, 19a-580e & 19a-580f
Chapter 368y Abortion
Sec. 19a-600
Chapter 368z Office of Health Care Access
Secs. 19a-630, 19a-639, 19a-639a, 19a-639b, 19a-646, 19a-649, 19a-659, 19a-669, 19a-670, 19a-671 & 19a-672
Chapter 368bb Managed Residential Communities
Secs. 19a-693, 19a-694, 19a-695*, 19a-696*, 19a-697, 19a-698, 19a-699, 19a-700 & 19a-701

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