Chapter 319o Department of Social Services
Secs. 17b-8, 17b-28, 17b-28a, 17b-28e & 17b-32
Chapter 319s Financial Assistance
Secs. 17b-77, 17b-93, 17b-99, 17b-104, 17b-105a, 17b-106, 17b-112, 17b-112e, 17b-129, 17b-137 & 17b-179
Chapter 319t State-Administered General Assistance
Sec. 17b-192
Chapter 319v Medical Assistance
Secs. 17b-222, 17b-225, 17b-239, 17b-244, 17b-244a, 17b-245b, 17b-261, 17b-261e, 17b-261f, 17b-261g, 17b-261h, 17b-265, 17b-265e, 17b-265f, 17b-265g, 17b-277, 17b-285, 17b-289, 17b-292, 17b-295, 17b-297, 17b-297b, 17b-306, 17b-306a, 17b-307 & 17b-311*
Chapter 319x Nursing Home Resident Day User Fee
Sec. 17b-321
Chapter 319y Long-Term Care
Secs. 17b-337, 17b-340, 17b-342a, 17b-349e, 17b-352, 17b-353, 17b-354, 17b-359, 17b-360, 17b-365, 17b-366, 17b-367 & 17b-369
Chapter 319aa Office of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman
Sec. 17b-417
Chapter 319bb Services for the Elderly
Secs. 17b-420 & 17b-427
Chapter 319ff Connecticut Pharmaceutical Assistance Contract to the Elderly and the Disabled Program
Secs. 17b-491, 17b-492b & 17b-497
Chapter 319mm Assistance to the Disabled
Secs. 17b-617 & 17b-666
Chapter 319oo Employment and Training
Sec. 17b-698
Chapter 319rr Child Care
Secs. 17b-733 & 17b-745
Chapter 319tt Nutritional Assistance
Sec. 17b-790a
Chapter 319uu Housing Assistance
Sec. 17b-811a
Chapter 319ww Preventative Services to Families
Sec. 17b-853

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