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Sec. 17b-853. (Formerly Sec. 8-222). State grants-in-aid for human resource development programs. Submission of application and advisory opinion.

      Sec. 17b-853. (Formerly Sec. 8-222). State grants-in-aid for human resource development programs. Submission of application and advisory opinion. (a) The state, acting by and in the discretion of the Commissioner of Social Services, may enter into a contract with a grantee for state financial assistance for human resource development programs in the form of a state grant-in-aid for the purposes and in the amounts hereinafter stated: (1) To pay the nonfederal share of a federally assisted program, one-half of the amount by which the cost of the program exceeds the federal grant-in-aid thereof; or (2) to continue a program for which such federal grant-in-aid had been received and has thereafter been reduced or discontinued, or to undertake a program for which a federal grant-in-aid is not available, all or any portion of the cost of such program as determined by the commissioner.

      (b) With respect to proposed contracts for grants-in-aid made pursuant to subsection (a) of this section, the Commissioner of Social Services shall review the program content of such proposals so as to determine whether they are designed to accomplish the purposes specified in this section and section 17b-852 and shall require audits in accordance with the provisions of sections 4-230 to 4-236, inclusive.

      (c) So much of the cost of a human resource development program as is not met by either a federal grant-in-aid or by a state grant-in-aid pursuant to this section may be paid by a municipality, any agency, board, commission or department thereof, or any public authority, or any private organization, in cash or in kind, including, but not limited to, in the discretion of the Commissioner of Social Services, additional plant and equipment, added services and increases in financial assistance furnished thereby, provided only such increments in plant and equipment, services and financial assistance as (1) are used for or in connection with human resource development programs, and (2) are funded otherwise than by federal or state financial assistance may be considered as payment by a municipality under this section.

      (d) The Commissioner of Social Services is further authorized to make available technical assistance and financial assistance in accordance with the provisions of section 8-220(b) to any municipality, region, human resource development agency, private nonprofit agency or any group of municipalities, regions or private nonprofit agencies for the purposes of planning a human resource development program consistent with the community development action plan of the municipality or municipalities or any such plan in the process of preparation.

      (e) The Commissioner of Social Services shall at least once each fiscal year conduct an inquiry into the operations and administration of each grantee which has received financial assistance under this section or which has an application pending for such assistance. The cooperation of the grantee in such inquiry shall be a prerequisite to the further provision of financial assistance under this section.

      (f) Prior to submission of any application to the Commissioner of Social Services for financial assistance for a human resource development program of a grantee designated under section 17b-852(2)(b) or 17b-852(2)(c), such application shall be referred to the grantee designated under section 17b-852(2)(a), if any exists in the municipality. Such agency shall be allowed twenty days to render its advisory opinion concerning such program. After receiving such advisory opinion or if such opinion shall not have been received within the period of time specified, the application may be submitted to the commissioner. All such applications to the commissioner shall include such advisory opinion if received. In urgent or emergency situations, the commissioner, acting in his sole discretion, may specify a shorter period for the rendering of such advisory opinion or may dispense with it altogether.

      (1967, P.A. 522, S. 27; 1969, P.A. 377, S. 1, 2; P.A. 73-96, S. 1; 73-378, S. 1, 2, 4; P.A. 74-279, S. 1, 2; P.A. 75-142, S. 1, 2; P.A. 77-614, S. 533, 610; P.A. 84-454, S. 2, 3; P.A. 91-401, S. 10, 20; P.A. 93-262, S. 1, 87; P.A. 96-180, S. 52, 166; P.A. 04-76, S. 26; P.A. 07-217, S. 77.)

      History: 1969 act amended Subsec. (d) to allow financial assistance in accordance with Sec. 8-220(b), to include aid to private nonprofit agencies and groups of regions and nonprofit agencies as well as to single municipalities and regions and to specify that development program for which aid is given be consistent with community development action plans and added Subsec. (e) concerning agency operations and administration audits or inquiries; P.A. 73-96 added Subsec. (f) re application process for financial aid; P.A. 73-378 amended Subsec. (a) to delete provisions allowing grants-in-aid to expend federally-assisted programs and to delete proviso setting priorities for state aid and amended Subsec. (b) to delete provision concerning approval of programs content, to remove redundant statement concerning audit requirement and to make provisions applicable to all of Subsec. (a), not just Subdiv. (1) as before; P.A. 74-279 added Subsec. (g) containing provisions for aid if federal funds were to be discontinued, effective from July 1, 1974 to June 30, 1975; P.A. 75-142 changed allowance for aid under Subdiv. (2) of Subsec. (a) from two-thirds to four-fifths of total cost of the program; P.A. 77-614 specified commissioner of human resources, previously "commissioner" had referred to commissioner of community affairs, effective January 1, 1979, and deleted obsolete Subsec. (g); P.A. 84-454 amended Subsec. (a)(2) by substituting "all or any portion" of the cost for "four-fifths of the total" cost of program; P.A. 91-401 substituted "grantee" for "human resource development agency" in Subsecs. (a), (e) and (f), amended Subsec. (b) to require audits in accordance with Secs. 4-230 to 4-236, inclusive, instead of authorizing audit, financial and related controls that commissioner deems necessary, and amended Subsec. (e) to require annual inquiry instead of annual audit or such other inquiry as commissioner deems reasonably appropriate, effective July 1, 1993; P.A. 93-262 authorized substitution of commissioner and department of social services for commissioner and department of human resources, effective July 1, 1993; Sec. 8-222 transferred to Sec. 17b-853 in 1995; P.A. 96-180 deleted provision in Subsec. (e) which had required commissioner to report findings to advisory council on community affairs, effective June 3, 1996; P.A. 04-76 deleted Subsec. (c)(3) re general assistance payments being considered as payment by a municipality under section and making a conforming change; P.A. 07-217 made a technical change in Subsec. (b), effective July 12, 2007.

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