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Sec. 13b-343. (Formerly Sec. 16-159). Gates, flagmen and signals at grade crossings. Forfeiture. Notice and hearing re reactivation of railroad line.

      Sec. 13b-343. (Formerly Sec. 16-159). Gates, flagmen and signals at grade crossings. Forfeiture. Notice and hearing re reactivation of railroad line. The Commissioner of Transportation, when requested in writing by the selectmen of any town, the mayor and common council of any city or the warden and burgesses of any borough to order gates, a flagman or electric signals or other signal device to be installed and maintained at any railroad crossing where a railroad crosses a public highway at grade within such town, city or borough, shall hold a hearing thereon or may, of his own motion, hold such hearing, first giving the town, city or borough wherein the crossing is located, and the company operating the railroad, reasonable notice thereof. If the commissioner upon such hearing finds that public safety requires it, the commissioner shall order such company to install and maintain, at such crossing, gates, a flagman or such electric signals or other signal device as may be approved by the commissioner, or to do any other act deemed necessary for the protection of the public. The commissioner may rescind, alter or amend any such order, whenever the commissioner deems it necessary, upon first giving the municipality wherein the crossing is located and the railroad company an opportunity to be heard thereon. If any such company fails to comply with any order of the commissioner made pursuant to this section, it shall forfeit to the state fifty dollars for each day of such failure. The commissioner shall notify state and municipal elected officials of affected towns of the reactivation of any railroad line not later than forty-five days from notification to the Department of Transportation, by the railroad, of such reactivation. The commissioner, or the commissioner's designee, shall determine if a public hearing on the safety of rail crossings is required on the reactivated railroad line, provided, if a state or municipal official requests a public hearing, the commissioner shall hold a public hearing. Any such hearing shall be scheduled not later than ninety days prior to the reactivation of such railroad line. Any comments or recommendations on railroad safety that are provided to the public hearing officer during the public hearing shall be reviewed and incorporated, as deemed appropriate by the commissioner, to address concerns raised at the hearing.

      (1949 Rev., S. 5541; P.A. 75-486, S. 1, 69; P.A. 77-614, S. 571, 587, 610; P.A. 78-303, S. 85, 136; P.A. 07-232, S. 45.)

      History: P.A. 75-486 substituted "public utilities control authority" for "commission", i.e. public utilities commission, and "authority" for "commission" where appearing thereafter, effective December 1, 1975; P.A. 77-614 and P.A. 78-303 substituted "commissioner of transportation" for "public utilities control authority" and "commissioner" for "authority", effective January 1, 1979; in 1981 Sec. 16-159 transferred to Sec. 13b-343; P.A. 07-232 added provisions re notice and hearing prior to reactivation of a railroad line.

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