OLR Research Report

January 10, 2008




By: Nicole Dube, Legislative Analyst II

You asked for the eligibility criteria for the ConnPACE program, and specifically wanted to know the income requirements.


ConnPACE is a state program administered by the Department of Social Services that pays for prescription drugs, insulin, and insulin syringes for people age 65 and over and younger adults with disabilities. To be eligible for the program, applicants must meet the following requirements:

Age. The program serves seniors age 65 and older and disabled people between the ages of 18 and 64 who are receiving disability benefits under the Social Security Disability Program or the Supplemental Security Income Program.

Residency. An applicant must be a state resident for at least six months before applying.

Income. Applicants' annual income currently cannot exceed $23,700 if single, and $31,900 if part of a married couple. These limits are adjusted each January 1, to reflect inflation adjustments in Social Security payments.

Assets. ConnPACE does not have asset requirements, but an applicant must supply asset information in order for ConnPACE to determine if he or she is eligible for the Extra Help With Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (see below). Asset information is used only to determine eligibility for the Extra Help subsidy and does not affect an applicant's ConnPACE eligibility determination.

Insurance. Applicants cannot be enrolled in Medicaid or have a private insurance plan that pays for part or all of each prescription on a continuous basis or that is a deductible insurance plan that includes prescriptions.

Medicare Part D. State law requires Medicare-eligible ConnPACE participants to enroll in a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan. The law coordinates ConnPACE benefits with Part D so that participants do not pay more than ConnPACE's $16.25 per-prescription copayment for drugs on their plan's formulary. (They may pay less than the $16.25 copay if their federal copays are lower.)

Extra Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. Applicants must apply for the Social Security's Extra Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Plan if they meet the plan's income and asset eligibility requirements. The plan provides a subsidy to help people pay for their Part D premiums and co-pays. Its current annual income limits are $15,315 if single and $20,535 if part of a married couple; assets cannot exceed $11,990 if single and $23,970 if part of a married couple. (Income limits may increase in February of 2008 when federal poverty levels are updated.)

Registration Fee. Applicants must pay a $30 registration fee.

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