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LCO No.: 4570

File Copy No.: 438

Senate Calendar No.: 266

OFA Fiscal Note

State Impact:

Agency Affected


CT State Univ.; UConn; Regional Comm.-Tech. Colleges

GF - Eliminates Cost in Bill

Note: GF=General Fund

Municipal Impact: None


The amendment strikes Section 2 of the bill which eliminates the underlying cost in the bill.

Instead, the amendment provides that each athletic department of each institution of higher education develop and implement a policy for the use of automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) . It is not anticipated that the development and implementation of a policy will result in a fiscal impact.

Additionally, the amendment requires that each athletic department provide and maintain at least one AED. This provision does not result in a fiscal impact to any of the constituent units of higher education, as the constituent units of higher education currently own and maintain AEDs.

The amendment also requires that each athletic department ensure that at least one licensed athletic trainer or other person who is trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the use of AEDs be available during all hours of intercollegiate sport practice, training, and competition. It is anticipated that this requirement will not result in a cost to Uconn, CSUS, or CTC's as it is anticipated they currently have adequate staff to meet the requirements.

The preceding Fiscal Impact statement is prepared for the benefit of the members of the General Assembly, solely for the purposes of information, summarization and explanation and does not represent the intent of the General Assembly or either chamber thereof for any purpose.