Connecticut Seal

General Assembly


Senate Resolution No. 200 No Committee

June Special Session, 2007


LCO No. 9826




Introduced by:


SEN. WILLIAMS, 29th Dist.

SEN. MCKINNEY, 28th Dist.



Resolved by the Senate:

Section 1. That the President Pro Tempore of the Senate shall appoint a Bipartisan Committee of Review of six members of the Senate that shall consist of three democratic senators and, upon the recommendation of the Senate Minority Leader, three republican senators.

Sec. 2. That the President Pro Tempore of the Senate shall name two cochairpersons from among the Committee members, one of whom shall be named by the President Pro Tempore upon the recommendation of the Senate Minority Leader.

Sec. 3. That the Committee shall provide advance notice of all Committee meetings and that all Committee meetings and votes shall be held in public and that Committee decisions shall be by majority vote of the Committee.

Sec. 4. That the Committee shall review all publicly available information about the events leading up to Senator Louis C. DeLuca's guilty plea on the misdemeanor charge of conspiracy to commit threatening in the second degree.

Sec. 5. That the Committee shall hold its first meeting not later than ten days after its appointment and shall conclude its business and issue its recommendation not later than forty-five days after its first meeting.

Sec. 6. That the Committee may, upon request, be granted no more than two extensions of time consisting of fifteen days each, by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, in consultation with the Senate Minority Leader.

Sec. 7. That the Committee shall offer Senator DeLuca the opportunity to offer a statement and answer questions posed by Committee members.

Sec. 8. That, upon the conclusion of its business, the Committee shall make a recommendation to the Senate as to what action it deems appropriate and that such recommendation shall be one of the following: Expulsion, censure, reprimand or no action.

Sec. 9. That the Committee may request additional resources in order to conduct a commensurate investigation if the recommendation is to be expulsion and that such recommendation shall not be final until the conclusion of such investigation.

Sec. 10. That the Committee's final recommendation shall be in the form of a resolution for approval or rejection by the Senate.

Sec. 11. That the Senate shall convene not later than eight days after the conclusion of the Committee's business to consider the Committee's recommendation.

Sec. 12. That Senator DeLuca may request that a hearing be held before the Senate, prior to the Senate's approval or rejection of the Committee's recommendation, if the recommendation is expulsion.