Connecticut Seal

General Assembly


Proposed Bill No. 903


January Session, 2007


LCO No. 2215


Referred to Committee on Judiciary


Introduced by:


SEN. LOONEY, 11th Dist.

SEN. HARP, 10th Dist.



Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

That the general statutes be amended to require that when a firearm is not in the actual physical possession of the owner it be stored or kept in a manner so as to reduce the risk that it will be stolen or otherwise come into the possession of another person, to require the owner of a firearm to report the loss or theft of that firearm to a law enforcement agency within seventy-two hours of the time when such owner knew or should have known of such theft or loss, and to provide that a violation of these provisions shall be classified as an infraction for the first offense and a crime for a subsequent offense.

Statement of Purpose:

To reduce the number of illegally obtained guns used in the commission of crimes.