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General Assembly



January Special Session, 2008

LCO No. 10091



Offered by:


REP. GREEN, 1st Dist.


To: Senate Bill No. 1700

File No.

Cal. No.

After the last section, add the following and renumber sections and internal references accordingly:

"Sec. 501. (NEW) (Effective from passage) Any offender who is under the supervision of an adult probation officer of the Court Support Services Division of the Judicial Branch and is under twenty-one years of age shall be supervised by a probation officer who has a caseload of not more than thirty such offenders. Each such offender shall be required to remain in school or in an educational program approved by such offender's probation officer during the period of such offender's supervision. The probation officer for such offender shall develop a life development plan with such offender that sets forth the educational, employment and career goals of such offender while he or she is under the supervision of the Court Support Services Division. Each such offender shall be given a mental health evaluation and the results of such evaluation shall be used by the probation officer to make recommendations that will improve the ability of such offender to safely remain in the community and not commit acts of violence. All such offenders who are enrolled in an accredited secondary or post-secondary educational program shall be eligible during the period of their supervision to participate in an employment program developed and paid for by the Labor Department that provides relevant work experience for such class of offenders.

Sec. 502. (Effective from passage) Ten per cent of the annual appropriation from the General Fund to the Department of Correction shall be transferred to the Judicial Department, Court Support Services Division, for purposes of funding preventive programs and services that assist persons under twenty-one years of age who have been convicted of a crime for the first time from being convicted of a crime for a second time. "