Connecticut Seal

General Assembly



January Session, 2007

LCO No. 8041



Offered by:


SEN. FREEDMAN, 26th Dist.


To: Subst. House Bill No. 6715

File No. 878

Cal. No. 633

In line 12, strike "cultivation,"

Strike lines 57 to 63, inclusive, in their entirety and insert the following in lieu thereof:

"symptoms or effects for which the certification is being issued; and

(3) The combined amount of marijuana possessed by the qualifying patient and the primary caregiver for palliative use does not exceed one ounce of usable marijuana. "

In line 86, strike ", cultivation"

In line 89, strike ", cultivated"

In line 91, strike "four marijuana"

In line 92, strike "plants, each having a maximum height of four feet, and"

In line 104, strike "marijuana plants and"

After line 106, insert the following:

"(e) All marijuana for palliative use under sections 1 to 9, inclusive, of this act shall be: (1) Cultivated by the college of agriculture and natural resources of The University of Connecticut; (2) packaged by the school of pharmacy of The University of Connecticut; and (3) dispensed to qualifying patients and primary caregivers by licensed pharmacists. No person shall be subject to arrest or prosecution, penalized in any manner, including, but not limited to, being subject to any civil penalty, or denied any right or privilege, including, but not limited to, being subject to any disciplinary action by a professional licensing board, for cultivating, packaging, transporting, storing or dispensing marijuana under this subsection. "

In line 196, strike "Law enforcement officials seizing live marijuana plants as"

Strike line 197 in its entirety

In line 198, strike "plants. "