Connecticut Seal

Senate Bill No. 224

Public Act No. 07-88


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

Section 1. Subsection (c) of section 14-33 of the general statutes is repealed and the following is substituted in lieu thereof (Effective July 1, 2007):

(c) On and after March 1, 1989, any municipality may participate in a program administered by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles to facilitate the payment of fines for parking violations. If any such municipality elects to participate in such program, it shall provide for a notice of violation to be served personally upon the operator of a motor vehicle who is present at the time of service. If the operator is not present, the notice shall be served upon the owner of the motor vehicle by affixing notice to said vehicle in a conspicuous place. In the case of any motor vehicle that is leased or rented by the owner, not more than thirty days after the initial notice of a parking violation for which a fine remains unpaid at such time, a second notice of violation shall be mailed to the address of record of the owner leasing or renting the motor vehicle to such operator. No fines or penalties shall accrue to the owner of such rented or leased vehicle for the violation for a period of sixty days after the second notice is mailed. Upon receipt of such notification, the owner of such rented or leased vehicle may notify the municipality as to whom the lessee was at the time of such issuance of the notice of violation, the lessee's address, motor vehicle operator's license number and state of issuance, and the municipality shall issue such notice of violation to such lessee. A participating municipality shall notify the commissioner of every owner of a registered motor vehicle who has unpaid fines for more than five parking violations committed within such municipality on and after March 1, 1989. Upon receipt of such notification, the commissioner shall not issue or renew the motor vehicle registration of such person until he receives notification from such municipality that the delinquent fines have been paid.

Approved June 5, 2007