Chapter 90 Town and Other Community Meetings
Sec. 7-1
Chapter 92 Town Clerks
Sec. 7-34a
Chapter 93 Registrars of Vital Statistics
Secs. 7-45, 7-48a, 7-68 & 7-69
Chapter 97 Municipalities: General Provisions
Secs. 7-127e, 7-131o, 7-131p & 7-137c
Chapter 98 Municipal Powers
Secs. 7-148, 7-148b, 7-163d, 7-169c, 7-172 & 7-185a
Chapter 101a Municipal Electric Energy Cooperatives
Sec. 7-233y
Chapter 102a Municipal Water Authorities
Secs. 7-244g, 7-244h, 7-244i, 7-244j, 7-244k, 7-244l, 7-244m, 7-244n, 7-244o, 7-244p, 7-244q, 7-244r & 7-244s
Chapter 104 Municipal Police and Fire Protection
Secs. 7-294a, 7-294d, 7-294aa & 7-323r
Chapter 105 Fire, Sewer and Other Districts
Sec. 7-326
Chapter 109 Municipal Bond Issues
Sec. 7-374
Chapter 112 Municipal Finance
Sec. 7-403a
Chapter 113 Municipal Employees
Secs. 7-433c, 7-450, 7-450a & 7-465
Chapter 113a Municipal Risk Management Pools
Sec. 7-479e
Chapter 116b Local Capital Improvement Fund
Sec. 7-538

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