Article 1 General Provisions
Secs. 42a-1-101, 42a-1-102, 42a-1-103, 42a-1-105, 42a-1-106, 42a-1-107, 42a-1-108, 42a-1-201, 42a-1-202, 42a-1-203, 42a-1-204, 42a-1-205, 42a-1-206, 42a-1-207 and 42a-1-208, 42a-1-301, 42a-1-302, 42a-1-303, 42a-1-304, 42a-1-305, 42a-1-306, 42a-1-307, 42a-1-308, 42a-1-309 & 42a-1-310
Article 2 Sales
Secs. 42a-2-103, 42a-2-202, 42a-2-208, 42a-2-314 & 42a-2-402
Article 2A Leases
Secs. 42a-2A-102, 42a-2A-301, 42a-2A-704 & 42a-2A-721
Article 3 Negotiable Instruments
Secs. 42a-3-103, 42a-3-104 & 42a-3-118
Article 4 Bank Deposits and Collections
Sec. 42a-4-104
Article 4A Funds Transfers
Secs. 42a-4A-105, 42a-4A-106 & 42a-4A-204
Article 5 Letters of Credit
Secs. 42a-5-102, 42a-5-103 & 42a-5-108
Article 8 Investment Securities
Secs. 42a-8-102 & 42a-8-111
Article 9 Secured Transactions
Sec. 42a-9-102

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