Chapter 277 Department of Public Utility Control. Office of Consumer Counsel. Miscellaneous Provisions
Secs. 16-1, 16-6a, 16-8b, 16-19b, 16-19f, 16-19ss, 16-32f, 16-41, 16-43, 16-43c & 16-50d
Chapter 277a Public Utility Environmental Standards Act
Secs. 16-50i, 16-50k, 16-50p & 16-50x
Chapter 283 Department of Public Utility Control: Telegraph, Telephone, Illuminating, Power and Water Companies
Secs. 16-243i, 16-243j, 16-243k, 16-243l, 16-243m, 16-243n, 16-243o, 16-243p, 16-243q, 16-243r, 16-243s, 16-244c, 16-244e, 16-245a, 16-245d, 16-245l, 16-245m, 16-245n, 16-245p, 16-245z, 16-246b to 16-246d, 16-247s, 16-247t, 16-256i, 16-262i & 16-262o
Chapter 289 Department of Public Utility Control: Community Antenna Television Systems
Sec. 16-331c
Chapter 292 Connecticut-New York Railroad Passenger Transportation Compact
Sec. 16-343

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