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Sec. 19a-405. (Formerly Sec. 19-529). Deputy Chief Medical Examiner. Staff.

      Sec. 19a-405. (Formerly Sec. 19-529). Deputy Chief Medical Examiner. Staff. The Chief Medical Examiner, with the approval of the commission, shall appoint a deputy who shall perform all the duties of the Chief Medical Examiner in case of his sickness or absence and such associate medical examiners, assistant medical examiners, pathologists, toxicologists, laboratory technicians and other professional staff as the commission may specify. The commission in advance of appointments shall specify the qualifications required for each position in terms of education, experience and other relevant considerations. The commission shall fix the annual salary of the Deputy Chief Medical Examiner and shall submit recommendations concerning salaries and compensation of other professional staff to the Commissioner of Administrative Services. The Chief Medical Examiner, the Deputy Chief Medical Examiner, associate medical examiners, and assistant medical examiners shall take the oath provided by law for public officers. Other staff members as determined by the commission shall be appointed by the Chief Medical Examiner, subject to the provisions of chapter 67 and the rules of the commission not inconsistent therewith.

      (1969, P.A. 699, S. 5; P.A. 77-614, S. 67, 610; P.A. 79-47, S. 8; P.A. 96-180, S. 61, 166; P.A. 05-280, S. 82.)

      History: P.A. 77-614 replaced personnel policy board with commissioner of administrative services; P.A. 79-47 allowed appointment of associate medical examiners and designated deputy as deputy "chief" medical examiner; Sec. 19-529 transferred to Sec. 19a-405 in 1983; P.A. 96-180 made a technical change, effective June 3, 1996; P.A. 05-280 authorized commission to fix Deputy Chief Medical Examiner's annual salary and made a technical change, effective July 1, 2005.

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