OLR Research Report

March 10, 2006




By: James J. Fazzalaro, Principal Analyst

You asked us to update a previous report to you on municipalities with through truck prohibitions on local roads. As in our previous reports, you also wanted specific information on the road segments in seven towns—Cheshire, East Haven, Hamden, Milford, New Haven, North Haven, and West Haven


We originally provided this information to you in 1998 (OLR Report 98-R-1370). In that report we indicated that there was a total of 594 road segments in 99 municipalities on which through truck traffic was prohibited. Of this total, 19 of the road segments were state roads. In our update to this information in 2000 (OLR Report 2000-R-0059), we indicated that the number of road segments had increased by three to 597 in 100 municipalities. The number of state road segments remained at 19.

Based on the most recent data made available to us by the Department of Transportation, there now are 646 road segments in 103 municipalities on which through truck traffic is prohibited. Two state road segments that were previously on the list are no longer there.

As we explained in the previous reports, the State Traffic Commission considers a through truck to be one that travels from a point outside a municipality and goes through the municipality without any scheduled stop in it. A truck that originates or has a scheduled stop within the town is not affected by a through truck prohibition. Thus, a through truck prohibition does not necessarily affect all trucks. A town may prohibit trucks from a town road by ordinance as long as the prohibition does not, in effect, create a de facto “no through truck” route by affecting a road that crosses a town line into an adjoining jurisdiction. A through truck ban on a road that crosses into an adjoining town requires the adjoining town's agreement. Only the State Traffic Commission may prohibit through truck traffic on a state road.

Of the seven selected towns for which you wanted detailed information, four (Cheshire, Hamden, Milford, and North Haven) have made no changes since 1998 in the road segments on which through truck traffic is prohibited. New Haven added three road segments in 2003 and now has a total of seven. West Haven added one road segment in 2005 and now has a total of 27. East Haven now has two fewer road segments with through truck prohibitions than it did in 2000, but they were both state rather than local roads.


There are now 103 municipalities that have at least one road segment within their borders on which through truck traffic is prohibited. The total number of road segments with such designations is 646, of which 17 are state roads.

The majority of municipalities have five or fewer restricted roads (59 of 103). A total of 26 municipalities have only one restricted road (an increase of one from our prior report). Another 33 have from two to five restricted roads (four fewer than in our prior report). Of the remaining towns, 25 have from six to 10 restricted roads (four more than previously), 15 have from 11 to 19 such roads (three more than previously), and four have 20 or more restricted road segments (no change).

The towns with the most truck restricted roads are: Hartford (42—no change); Danbury (33—up from 32); West Haven (27—up from 26); Milford (20—no change); Stratford (19—no change); Stamford (18—up from 11); Norwalk and Redding (17—up from 15 in Norwalk, up from six in Redding); Monroe, Newington, and Newtown (15—up from 14 in Monroe, no change in Newington, up from 13 in Newtown); Wilton (14—up from 11); North Haven (13—no change); Bristol, North Branford, and Wethersfield (12—no changes); and Cheshire, Orange, and Prospect (11—no changes).


The information below shows the current through truck restricted road segments in the seven towns you requested. There have been no changes in the roads listed for no through truck traffic in Cheshire, Hamden, Milford, and North Haven. Two state road segments in East Haven are no longer listed as prohibiting through trucks. New Haven added three road segments to its list in 2003 and West Haven added one road segment to its list in 2005.


Cheshire has 11 roads with through truck prohibitions totaling more than 14.3 miles. One of these roads is State Route 42 (from the Prospect town line to Route 10) which accounts for 2.94 miles of the total. It was restricted in 1981. Two of the local streets were restricted in 1965, one in 1966, two in 1975, and five in 1976. The 10 local roads with restrictions are:

1. Byam Road (Route 70 to Musso View Avenue—0.32 mi.),

2. Cornwall Avenue (Mountain Road to Route 10—1.45 mi.),

3. King Road (Route 10 to Route 42—0.41 mi.),

4. Marion Road (Mixville Road to Southington town line—2.77 mi.),

5. Mitchell Avenue (Maple Avenue to Route 10—0.15 mi.),

6. Mountain View Terrace (Maple Avenue to Route 10—0.10 mi.),

7. Musso View Avenue (Byam Road to State Route 844—0.52 mi.),

8. Peck Lane (Route 70 to Southington town line—3.67 mi.),

9. South Brooksvale Road (Route 42 to Route 10—1.67 mi.), and

10. Waverly Street (Route 70 to Park Place—0.33 mi.)

East Haven

East Haven now has seven instead of nine restricted road segments. The two segments removed from the prohibition list since 1998 were both state roads—Route 100 (Main Street to Route 1) and Route 142 (Route 100 to Route 1). The local streets with restrictions are Cherry Street (Kimberly Avenue to Route 1), Forbes Place (Main Street to Kimberly Avenue), Pine Street (Kimberly Avenue to Route 1), Sanford Street (Route 100 to Route 1), Sidney Street (Forbes Place to Route 100), and two sections of Kimberly Avenue (one from Main Street to Route 1 and the other is not identified in the database). All seven of the local segments were established in 1958. There is no mileage data available for these segments.


Hamden has six restricted roads, two of which are state routes. These total 5.72 miles with the two state roads accounting for 1.31 miles of the total. The state routes are Route 22 (Route 10 to the North Haven town line—0.99 mi.) and Route 453 (Mount Carmel Avenue—0.32 mi.). Route 22 was restricted in 1972 and Route 453 in 1989. Three of the local streets were restricted in 1982 and the fourth was restricted in 1989. The local streets are:

1. Mount Carmel Avenue (Route 453 to North Haven town line—1.27 mi.),

2. Ridge Road (Route 5 to North Haven town line—2.08 mi.),

3. West Todd Street (Gaylord Mountain Road to Still Hill Road—0.76 mi.), and

4. West Todd Road (Gaylord Mountain Road to Choate Road—0.3 mi.)


Milford has 20 restricted road segments but the length information for four of the roads is missing from the database. The other 16 segments total 6.7 miles. Four of the streets were restricted in 1958, 12 in 1964, two in 1966, one in 1972, and one in 1973. The roads are:

1. Baldwin Street (Lennox Avenue to Naugatuck Avenue—0.09 mi.),

2. Brewster Road (Route 162 to Anderson Road—0.78 mi.),

3. Church Street (Naugatuck Avenue to Fairfield Street—0.11 mi.),

4. Ellis Street (Edgemont Road to Route 1—0.16 mi.),

5. Fairview Street (Route 1 to end—0.27 mi.),

6. Harold Avenue (Naugatuck Avenue to Ridge Street—0.06 mi.),

7. High Street (I-95 to Route 1),

8. Intervale Parkway (Edgemont Road to Route 1—0.15 mi.),

9. Kerema Avenue (Edgemont Road to Route 1—0.18 mi.),

10. Lenox Avenue (Baldwin Street to Route 1—0.30 mi.),

11. Loomis Street (Route 1 to end—0.25 mi.),

12. Plains Road (I-95 to Route 1),

13. Quarry Road (Woodmont Road to Rose's Mill Road—0.84 mi.),

14. Rivercliff Drive (Route 1 to end—0.56 mi.),

15. Rose's Mill Road (Woodmont Road to Orange town line--1.09 mi.),

16. Schoolhouse Road (West Avenue to Route 1),

17. Spring Street (Edgemont Road to Route 1—0.18 mi.),

18. West Clark Street (Plains Road to Route 1),

19. Woodland Drive (Edgemont Road to Route 1—0.14 mi.), and

20. Woodruff Road (Route 1 to Route 121—1.54 mi.)

New Haven

New Haven now has seven, instead of four, restricted streets. One was restricted in 1987 three in 1988, and the latest three were added in 2003. Length data is included in the database for six of them. The total length for six segments is 2.34 miles. The roads are:

1. Chapel Street (Howe Street to Derby Avenue—0.56 mi.),

2. Derby Avenue (Chapel Street to Route 10—0.40 mi.),

3. Howe Street (North Frontage Road to Chapel Street—0.18 mi.),

4. Stiles Street,

5. Henry Street (Winchester Avenue to Sherman Parkway—0.6 mi.),

6. Winchester Avenue (Sachem Street to Munson Street—0.3 mi.),

7. Sachem Street (Whitney Avenue to Winchester Avenue—0.3 mi.), and

8. The Henry Street, Winchester Avenue, and Sachem Street segments were the three added in 2003.

North Haven

North Haven has 13 restricted streets, one of which is a state route. The segments total 15.82 miles. The state route is Route 22 from the Hamden town line to State Street (1.03 miles). It was restricted in 1972. One of the local streets was restricted in 1960, eight in 1976, one in 1984, one in 1989, and one in 1992. The 12 local streets are:

1. Bassett road (Route 22 to Bradley Road—1.53 mi.),

2. Beach Street (Maple Avenue to Spring Road—0.28 mi.),

3. Hartford Turnpike (Dixwell Avenue to Wallingford town line—4.48 mi.),

4. Laydon Avenue (Maple Avenue to Tennyson Ave., Pequot Ave., and Spring Rd.—0.31 mi.),

5. Montowese Avenue (Quinnipiac Avenue to Route 17—0.65 mi.),

6. Mount Carmel Avenue (Hamden town line to Hartford Turnpike—1.28 mi.),

7. Ridge Road (Hamden town line to Dixwell Avenue—1.3 mi.),

8. Rimmon Road (Route 17 to Route 22—1.54 mi.),

9. Skiff Street (State Route 707 (Whitney Avenue) to Route 5 (State Street)—1.1 mi.),

10. Spring Road (Middletown Avenue (Route 17) to Tennyson, Laydon, and Pequot Avenues—1.61 mi.),

11. St. John Street (Route 5 to Pool Road—0.29 mi.), and

12. Village Street (Quinnipiac Avenue to Middletown Avenue—0.42 mi.)

West Haven

West Haven has 27 restricted street segments. Length data is missing for one of them. The total for the other 26 is 10.52 miles. Most of these roads (22) were approved for restriction in 1979. Two were approved in 1981, one in 1986, and one in 1987. The Meloy Road segment was added in 2005. The roads are:

1. Alling Street (Campbell Avenue to First Avenue (Route 122)—0.13 mi.),

2. Alling Street Extension (First Avenue to Front Avenue—0.22 mi.),

3. Antrim Street (Ardale Street to Fairfax Street—0.21 mi.),

4. Dana Street (Campbell Avenue to First Avenue—0.19 mi.),

5. Dogwood Road (Orange town line to Orange town line—0.17 mi.),

6. Eaton Street (Swampscott Street to Fairfax Street—0.18 mi.),

7. Edith Street (Railroad Avenue to Edward Street—0.07 mi.),

8. Edward Street (Railroad Avenue to Voss Road—0.23 mi.),

9. Elm Street (Route 162 (Sawmill Road) to Elm Street /First Avenue—1.08 mi.),

10. Frontage Road (Morgan Lane to Allings Crossing Road—0.69 mi.),

11. Harold Street (Swampscott Street to Fairfax Street—0.21 mi.),

12. Highland Street (Greta Street to Campbell Avenue—0.73 mi.),

13. I-95 Exit 43 Northbound Off-Ramp (I-95 to Campbell Avenue),

14. Lamson Street (Campbell Avenue to Front Avenue—0.34 mi.),

15. Main Street (Route 162 (Wagner Place) to Water Street—1.17 mi.),

16. Morgan Lane (Frontage Road to Prindle/Sawmill Roads—0.22 mi.),

17. Newbern Street (Ardale Street to Fairfax Street—0.12 mi.),

18. Nonquit Street (Swampscott Street to Fairfax Street—0.22 mi.),

19. Prindle Road (Orange town line to Sawmill Road/Morgan Lane—0.29 mi.),

20. Richards Street (Campbell Avenue to First Avenue—0.38 mi.),

21. Sawmill Road (Prindle Road/Morgan Lane to Route 162—0.65 mi.),

22. Tetlow Street (Ardale Street to Fairfax Street—0.17 mi.),

23. Voss Road (Sawmill Road to Sawmill Road—0.17 mi.),

24. Wenham Street (Swampscott Street to Fairfax Street—0.2 mi.),

25. West Spring Street (Meloy Road to Campbell Avenue—1.05 mi.),

26. York Street (Sawmill Road (Route 162) to Campbell Avenue—0.63), and

27. Meloy Road (Route 1 to Route 162—0.8 mi.)