Connecticut Seal

General Assembly


Raised Bill No. 165

February Session, 2006


LCO No. 623



Referred to Committee on Public Health


Introduced by:





Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

Section 1. (Effective July 1, 2006) The Commissioner of Mental Retardation, in consultation with the Commissioner of Public Health, shall develop a public awareness campaign designed to (1) educate people about fetal alcohol syndrome, the most common known cause of mental retardation, (2) reduce the number of women who drink alcohol during pregnancy, and (3) reduce the incidence of fetal alcohol syndrome in the state.

Sec. 2. (Effective July 1, 2006) The sum of twenty-five thousand dollars is appropriated to the Department of Mental Retardation, from the General Fund, for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2007, for the purpose of developing a fetal alcohol syndrome public awareness campaign pursuant to section 1 of this act.

This act shall take effect as follows and shall amend the following sections:

Section 1

July 1, 2006

New section

Sec. 2

July 1, 2006

New section

Statement of Purpose:

To increase public awareness of the risks of alcohol use during pregnancy.

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