Connecticut Seal

House Bill No. 6586

Public Act No. 05-8


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

Section 1. Section 20-162n of the general statutes is repealed and the following is substituted in lieu thereof (Effective October 1, 2005):

As used in subsection (c) of section 19a-14 and sections 20-162n to 20-162q, inclusive:

(a) "Commissioner" means the Commissioner of Public Health;

(b) "Respiratory care" means health care under the direction of a physician licensed pursuant to chapter 370 and in accordance with written protocols developed by said physician, employed in the therapy, management, rehabilitation, diagnostic evaluation and care of patients with deficiencies and abnormalities [which] that affect the cardiopulmonary system and associated aspects of other system functions and [which] that includes the following: (1) The therapeutic and diagnostic use of medical gases, administering apparatus, humidification and aerosols, administration of drugs and medications to the cardiorespiratory systems, ventilatory assistance and ventilatory control, postural drainage, chest physiotherapy and breathing exercises, respiratory rehabilitation, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and maintenance of natural airways as well as the insertion and maintenance of artificial airways, (2) the specific testing techniques employed in respiratory therapy to assist in diagnosis, monitoring, treatment and research, including the measurement of ventilatory volumes, pressures and flows, specimen collection of blood and other materials, pulmonary function testing and hemodynamic and other related physiological monitoring of cardiopulmonary systems, [and] (3) performance of a purified protein derivative test to identify exposure to tuberculosis, and (4) patient education in self-care procedures as part of the ongoing program of respiratory care of such patient. The practice of respiratory therapy is not limited to the hospital setting;

(c) "Respiratory care practitioner" means a person who is licensed to practice respiratory care in this state pursuant to section 20-162o and who may transcribe and implement written and verbal orders for respiratory care issued by a physician licensed pursuant to chapter 370, or a physician assistant licensed pursuant to chapter 370 or an advanced practice registered nurse licensed pursuant to chapter 378 who is functioning within the person's respective scope of practice.

Approved April 19, 2005