Connecticut Seal

Substitute House Bill No. 5631

Special Act No. 04-9


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

Section 1. (Effective from passage) (a) The Commissioner of Public Health shall evaluate emergency medical services in the state and conduct a needs assessment to: (1) Identify placement and use of automatic external defibrillators within the emergency medical services system; (2) establish guidelines for providing emergency medical services during mass gatherings, as described in section 19a-436 of the general statutes; and (3) review existing laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, sections 19a-197 of the general statutes, as amended, 20-9 of the general statutes, as amended, 52-557b of the general statutes, as amended, and subsection (i) of section 19a-179-9 of the regulations of Connecticut state agencies to identify conflicting and ambiguous issues, including the meaning of public access defibrillation.

(b) On or before January 1, 2006, the commissioner shall report, in accordance with section 11-4a of the general statutes, to the joint standing committee of the General Assembly having cognizance of matters relating to public health regarding the findings of the needs assessment conducted pursuant to subsection (a) of this section.

Approved June 1, 2004