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Substitute House Bill No. 6391

Public Act No. 03-86


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

Section 1. Section 46b-134 of the general statutes is repealed and the following is substituted in lieu thereof (Effective October 1, 2003):

Prior to the disposition of the case of any child convicted of a delinquent act, investigation shall be made of the facts as [herein] specified in this section by the probation officer, and until such investigation has been completed and the results thereof placed before the judge, no disposition of the child's case shall be made. Such investigation shall consist of an examination of the parentage and surroundings of the child [, his] and the child's age, habits and history, and shall include also an inquiry into the home conditions, habits and character of [his] the child's parents or guardians. Such investigation shall include an inquiry into the circumstances of the offense, the attitude of the complainant or victim, the criminal record, the present condition of the child and any damages suffered by the victim including medical expenses, loss of earnings and property loss. [Where a] If the child is or legally should be in attendance at school, [it] such investigation shall further contain a report of the child's school attendance, adjustment and behavior, the child's individualized education program if the child has been identified pursuant to sections 10-76a to 10-76gg, inclusive, as requiring special education and related services and any recommendations from school officials on conditions of probation if the child is placed on probation pursuant to section 46b-140, which shall be furnished by the school officials to the court upon its request. The court shall, when it is found necessary to the disposition, cause a complete physical or mental examination, or both, to be made of the child by persons professionally qualified to do so. Such examination may include testing to determine whether the child is alcohol-dependent or drug-dependent as defined in section 46b-120. [Where] If the court causes a complete physical or mental examination, or both, to be made of a child whose parents, guardian or custodian is found able to pay in whole or in part the cost thereof, it shall assess as costs against such parents, guardian or custodian, including any agency vested with the legal custody of the child, the expense so incurred and paid for by the court in having such examination performed, to the extent of their financial ability to do so. Prior to the disposition of the case of any child convicted of a delinquent act, the court may cause a complete diagnostic examination to be made, unless such information is otherwise available. Such information shall include physical and psychological diagnoses and may include medical, psychiatric, neurological, learning disability diagnoses and such other diagnoses as the court deems necessary. If such child is committed to the Department of Children and Families, such information shall be shared with the Department of Children and Families.

Approved June 3, 2003