938Offenses Against the Sovereignty of the State (Repealed) (See Chapter 952, Part XIII)
939Offenses Against the Person
940Offenses Against Public Property (Repealed) (See Chapter 952, Part III)
941Offenses Against Private Property
942Offenses Against Public Justice
943Offenses Against Public Peace and Safety
944(Offenses Against Chastity.) Concealment of Delivery of Child
945(Offenses Against Humanity and Morality.) Cruelty to Animals
946Offenses Against Public Policy
947Forgery and Counterfeiting
948Frauds and False Pretenses
949Credit Card Crimes (Repealed) (See Chapter 952, Part IX)
949aExtortionate Credit Transactions
949bAcademic Crimes
949cCorrupt Organizations and Racketeering Activity Act
949dCommunications Consumer Privacy Act
949eHealth Insurance Fraud Act
949fVideotape Rental and Privacy
949gComputer Crimes

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